It’s tough to dispute this skepticism, it seems pretty accurate

the being that cannot be reduced to or identified with any being… the one constellated not by the one of singular identity but by the illimitable multiples of the one that is never one, the being that is neither being nor nonbeing but the negation of the negation of negation.

It’s not good for society to understand it this way though because the temptation toward nihilism is so strong.

I’m still in a beeline toward this Divine Names idea though, and the claim there is that “God” isn’t so ineffable as it is described in the above quote. I.e. “God” has appropriate names, and even a Name.

I’m at a juicy chapter in one of the Chabadnik Wolfson’s books at the moment

As is pretty well-known, for Heidegger it isn’t German per se that is the special language, it’s German’s relationship to ancient Greek. The reverse-side of this is that it is implied that Hebrew is a “barbarian language”.

The Greeks are those human beings who lived immediately in the openness of phenomena—through the expressly ek-static capacity of letting the phenomena speak to them (modern man, Cartesian man, se solum alloquendo, only talks to himself). No one has ever again reached the heights of the Greek experience of being as phenomenon.

Isn’t it thrilling to see this chief rabbi taking up this subject?

This Chabadnik says this, can you fathom the audacity?

Heidegger did not escape from a chauvinism that accorded unrivaled status to Germany and its citizens.

Something you won’t be surprised about from me is that I expect there to be a more or less objective judgment that can be made about this

The “matrix language” – sorry I’m a dork and think that’s a cool way to put it. I.e. I’m not a “subjectivist” and believe thee matrix language is possible to isolate.

Consider that there may be a way to best express the inexpressible. And we’re not just talking about some kind of ambiguous mood that is difficult to articulate- what is in question is the highest possible matters, i.e. the nature of Divinity.

Remember Sabbatai Zevi? He claimed to know the Divine Names, and many Jews were convinced that he could speak them. Abulafia also claimed to know them, except in his case he was persecuted for identifying as the Mashiach. Was the latter untimely? Looking at Idel’s obsession with him across multiple books it seems at least one prominent Yid believes so.

This Kabbalist Wolfson though is humorous

even to speak about the reticence of not speaking about such a transcendence

For him the name is a ladder to the nameless. The name is a way of pronouncing the nameless.

Two different ways of looking at it

For the kabbalists, the most auspicious way to the silence beyond speech is through Hebrew, the sole language considered to be sacred, whereas Heidegger attributed priority to German as the most effective language to express poetically what is inexpressible, a task that he himself considered as naming the holy, the enigma that shines forth in its gathering depth only as it veils itself.

Consult your intuition as to whether you’d prefer German or Jewish overlords – the answer can probably be found there. “I like this free-for-all, I’m a person of vice!” Look at the zogling that climbed out of the sewer, how cute.

Here is Heidegger- do you get this from the Kabbalah-bloods at all?

‘German’ is not spoken to the world so that the world might be reformed through the German essence; rather, it is spoken to the Germans so that from a destinal belongingness [geschickhaften Zugehörigkeit] to other peoples they might become world-historical [weltgeschichtlich] along with them.

I feel like I’ve been living in the Jews’ world the same way they’ve lived in other people’s countries. Hi, I think I’ve gotten to know you pretty well.

Here’s a way of stating the Athens/Jerusalem discrepancy

in the manner that Heidegger affirms that language—in particular Greek and German—reveals the being it conceals, the kabbalists view Hebrew as the language that discloses the light of the infinite by keeping it hidden.

“And we like it hidden!” Why don’t you just stay in your sewer? I want you hidden.

Ironically this study itself hides so much. Wolfson could’ve given it a Chabadnik touch and he didn’t.

Let’s just forget about all this and say what their mysticism has concretely led to. The US is de-sparked. It’s not a goal of there’s to do that, it’s already happened. It was a qlipha that they removed the trace of divinity from. It’s over. You’re a slave. Your sons are going to be slaves. Your daughters are going to be no different from prostitutes. Your grandchildren will have the final dim glow snuffed out from them through jungle admixture. They will not have any lofty thoughts, they will be pure impulse. And you pretty much already are there. That means their secretive mystical mission has already been fulfilled. I’m just speaking to their de-sparked zombie minions here. I think I might have been immunized by the Atlantean Germans. Life must be nice and easy when you’re a slave.

Whoa, look at this

the relationship between Hebrew, the language of the divine, and Aramaic, the language of the demonic… what is noteworthy for our purpose is the identification of Aramaic as the language of the Other Side

Ohhh so this clears up what I mentioned before regarding what I perceived as their “cognitive dissonance”

the power of Aramaic is to break the force of the demonic… Operative here is the principle of fighting fire with fire

I.e. they’re demonic toward us because they see us as demons.

Maybe this study is redeeming after all. The qliphoth are spoken of and invoked in Aramaic…

the equivalence between Moses and Balaam is affirmed but also neutralized by the fact that the former is linked to the holy emanations on the right and the latter to the unholy emanations on the left. Kabbalistically, Balaam is the chief magician and the protagonist of the demonic, whose activity corresponds to the theurgic efficacy exhibited by Moses. In the zoharic passage we are considering, Abraham and Balaam are treated as equal.

You can get into some pretty fine details that explain the immorality of Jews

Aramaic is described as being despicable to the angels but not to God

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