Still trying to break into the mysteries of the Zohar

We must give him [the Sitra Ahra] a portion of holiness from our faith… Thus Rashbi and R. Abba, peace and blessing upon them, composed the Zohar in the language of [Aramaic], and not in the holy language

Wolfson says it was written as an or nogah which is the qlipha that can be used for good. So he’s indirectly saying here that the chief text of Kabbalah is a demonological work.

We goyim are constituted by these other three

“This is all make-believe!” Was the protestant reformation make-believe? Kabbalah was popularized among Jews around the same time we had our prot ref. They don’t see you as an impure demon that needs to be destroyed, don’t worry about it. Luther didn’t nail his theses to a church door either, it’s all make-believe. Every day I’m stuntin on you coons.

It’s called Birur Nitzoztot, or the “Refining of the Sparks”. They believe that sparks are waiting to be “released” for hundreds, sometimes thousands of years. Tell me anon, how many years have your ancestors put in blood, sweat, and tears to get you to the point where you aren’t a nigger? That spark of yours needs to be “refined”, sorry, I don’t make the rules.

Here is Wolfson again

the holiest work in the traditional Jewish canon is written in the language associated with the unholy.

What struck me most in my previous post is the Lurianic identification of Abraham and Moses with Balaam who is a wicked sorcerer. Look, I’m not trying to get political here, obviously, obviously.

Wolfson says these things himself, so it’s not like I’m putting words into their mouths.

The blonde-haired, blue-eyed shells of impurity must be broken by the miserly rodent race! The ones who drink human blood and have orgies with their family members must prevail! What was it Shamir said, that the incestuous Sabbatai Zevi is the Keter of Kabbalah?

Now I’m onto a book that Wolfson cites. Balaam was in the early rabbinical tradition relegated to the status of a sorcerer and villain

Luria presents a different kind of Balaam—a figure who, though demonic, also exhibits a spiritual bond with Moses

Remember that Scholem said this was the last substantial movement within Judaism. Thus the doe-eyed innocent Christian is unaware of MULTIPLE movements among the people of their treasured Old Testament, and each of the most prominent “reformations” involves an ever-refined plan to disintegrate the goyim menace.

It doesn’t even stop simply with the Zohar- they don’t want you to know about Chaim Vital or the Tanya either, i.e. further movements within movements

This heeb refers to “the nations” 71 times in this study – that’s a euphemism for “goyim”, a word that doesn’t appear even once, just like it doesn’t appear on the social media account of any parrot-beaked blue-check who leads your country toward ruin every day.

Heh an explicit statement regarding my favorite Chesed/Netzach example

there is above and below, right and left, mercy and severity, Israel and the nations. Israel utilizes the higher holy crowns and the nations the lower crowns that are not holy.

The nations practice severity toward evil!! Why can’t Israel save us from severity toward evil??

This seems important

The Zohar sets up a situation in which Balaam, here an embodiment of the Sitra Ahra,

“If you reveal our secrets you’re better off dead!” Lick my ballsack, how about that?

Anyway, in Lurianic Kabbalah the sephiroth and qliphoth are anthropomorphized as Moses and Balaam, respectively. Studying this you can see how there’s a direct line going from Luria to someone so reminiscent of the Marquis de Sade like their Mashiach Zevi. Jesse! Nah, I think you get it.

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