This is an interesting way to look at it. The Russian doesn’t translate perfectly here, you get the idea though

I see this as a “Dugin rare”. It looks like this is from the 90s. He probably wisened up to the ways of the world sometime between then and now. You can tell from this he knows about all the things I talk about here.

The “goyim” and the demons acting through them disrupt the “natural circulation” of energies between up and down, placing themselves in regions located in the intermediate space. 

If you cause too much disruption you’re going to be removed from that intermediate space. Fourth political theory? I’d go as far as to speculate that you can read his later work through the prism of this essay.

How has this escaped me for who knows how much I’ve scrolled through the Rusnet

Wow, I just happened to learn of seven more actors and actresses, a few from our childhoods, who I didn’t know were Jewish – it’s sinister how well they’re able to hide. When you look closely at their faces though it’s really obvious. They’ll kill the goyim in droves and it’ll be nothing to them, you can just tell by looking at them. The only way to redeem their people at this point is to go to Israel, go away.

Let’s just be clear where your beliefs are from, okay oblivious goyim?

I’m sure there’s nothing bad about that, huh? Nothing to question at all.

Here’s another “nickname” for the goyim

How terrible the meaning of the phrase “Zohar” acquires in this perspective – “the final liberation depends on the destruction of Amilek”!

In English, Zohar translates to “splendor”.

If you ask me it appears many 90 IQ or so non-jews have been “played”, as one calls it. “Shut up, I’m at least 95 IQ!” You’re so played.

Thinking back to Chesed/Netzach, they don’t even want you there, let alone at higher sephiroth

They “occupied” the axis of the world, the secret bridge that connected the lower projection of the deity to the upper regions. They insulted not only the “chosen people”, but also his God, since their actions dismembered the unity of the divine name. It is quite natural that, based on such a vision, an orthodox Jew cannot feel anything other than an endless, fierce, “sacred” hatred towards all other nations




Dugin says they look at that as a crime against their God.

Thinking in a “far out” way for a second, if the Jews destroy the US then take up “leadership responsibilities” in China, and then latch on to their technoprogress and travel at lightspeed toward other stars, how will their religion reform upon encountering ETs that are a million years older than them? Will they look at them as “goyim” too?

Anyway as you might expect, this essay of Dugin’s on Kabbalah is among the most perceptive out there. That’s why I constantly lament that people with his cognitive range “can’t” talk about these things. I have zero doubt that there are dozens of people in the US academy who could write something 10x as profound as Bjerknes or Elista on these matters, and they are simply “not allowed”. I would take a moment of silence for that tragedy.

Wut, wut is this

In principle, such a picture has analogies in many traditions and religions, and it is especially characteristic of Iranian spiritualism. But practically nowhere is there a direct identification of the forces of the “right side” with one historical people, consciously opposed to all other peoples

This essay from the 90s “just so happens” to isolate the ONE country I keep going on about, okay.

Seriously, click that hyperlink up there, he knows Kabbalah like the back of his hand.

The Talmudists of the Pale used to refer to goys as “boors” and I think there’s something accurate there. That’s how I see most academics here. You’re a boor, and even if you did write about Kabbalah you’d do so as a slob with food-stains all over your shirt.

Why do I feel so alone in the US?!?!? This place is so done for.

Just read that essay. People here are not “updated” about all of this. Most of them don’t even know about the Book they wrote in Babylon, let alone the one they wrote in Spain. Remember that annoying noise AOL internet made, back in the day? Dial-up? That’s where people are in terms of understanding global mysticism.

I have to remind you that even innocent-seeming Jews are jumping for joy at the idea of the goyim being utterly subjugated. They don’t look at this and feel bad, they’re happy that it’s happening, and they don’t have to go to the Synagogue in a traditional way to feel this. They’re Jews, that’s what they want.

See the date of this? I just find this randomly

I highly doubt that translation is not redacted and euphemized. Recall Shahak’s statement about Russian Jews, how they’d replace the word “goyim” with “Egyptian”. Stuff like that, probably even more insidious if I had to guess.

And they all hate me for telling them about this, riddle me that. It’s a given that Jews would hate me – the goyim too? It’s baffling, I don’t understand. Too much Geburah for your tastes is it?

So had you ever heard of Bjerknes before I brought him up? No. That’s how hidden they keep all this. Dugin in that old essay is confirming many of the things Bjerknes writes about.

All this to say that if you’re a brain genius anything like Dugin please write about these things. You could get away with it anonymously. We need you.

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