Trying to determine how pervasive Sabbatean-Frankism was in the Pale, because that would explain a lot

How about the soul of the soul of the soul of the Law? We know it didn’t simply stop at the Zohar.

This doesn’t go far enough

If the Tanakh and Talmud capture the exoteric foundations of Judaism, then in the Zohar both the Tanakh and the Talmud itself receive an inner, deep, esoteric interpretation. Therefore, the position of the “Zohar” should be considered as the most significant in the context of the Jewish Tradition as a whole. It is its assessments, characteristics and statements that most deeply reveal the specifics of the Jewish understanding of the world, the place of Jews in it, the role of other peoples, etc.

A book put together 700+ years ago wasn’t revised, refined, built-off of, sure sure. That’s like saying no one built off Aquinas the last 700 years.

I think it’s important to isolate the Zohar as the center of gravity then move outward “imamologically”. Luria, Vital, Zevi, the Besht, and Zalman, up to Schneerson and Scholem.

What a farce it is to focus on the “line” going from Hobbes to Baudrillard, say. No, there’s another line of “thinkers” and those ones happen to be closely involved in world domination. Kind of important if you ask me. I don’t think our thinkers were really thinking if they weren’t thinking about that.

I mean, in light of that alone, are they wrong here?

[goyim] are defined as “idolaters”, from the standpoint of Judaist esoteric anthropology – nothing more than pitiful golems, mechanical dolls, soulless mannequins, only superficially resembling people.

The ones who determine the theological-political horizon you philosophize WITHIN – who needs to know about THEIR ideological foundations? A pitiful golem certainly doesn’t care to know.

Great, at the moment I just feel like an NPC, albeit one with self-awareness.

Heh the Bolsheviks shot people on the spot for having a Lutostansky book and even he remained at a level of exotericism. Kabbalah is Talmud-exegesis. Think they weren’t having conversations since Babylon? What do you think they were doing with the freetime exploiting goyim granted them?

Anyway, this is the first clue of what I was initially looking for

it makes sense to study in detail the trace of Sabbataism, later Francoism in Russia, and more broadly in Eastern Europe. Contacts with Hasidism are interesting, here the typological similarity is obvious.

It also says at the linked-to site that Sabbateans control present-day Turkey, something I’ve read at more than a few sites now – and this reminds me of Bjerknes’ book on the Armenian genocide. Let’s see what he has to say about this sect

Hassidic Jews are also descendants of these Jewish cults, who believe that Shabbatai Zevi, not Jesus Christ, was the messiah of the Jews

Bjerknes claims they’re extremely powerful in today’s world and that certain members of the banking dynasty believed themselves to be reincarnations of Zevi.

I remind you again of that correspondence between the two most prominent Jewish esotericists of the 20th century, Scholem and Strauss…

Consider how cosmetic people who talk about “corporate power” and “the CIA” are in this light. Even talking about the Zohar as a standalone book is cosmetic. And these carnie charlatans won’t even touch THAT.

Remember, I set out here to look for the soul of the soul of the soul.

I might add that I’ve seen it speculated about in numerous places that Epstein was, specifically, a Sabbatean-Frankist. So, by extension, the Mossad is grounded in that movement too?

Man, now I really wish I could find an HTML of that untranslated Secret of the Saturnian Faith book by Scholem’s student Liebes, one of the latest installments in the conversation.

Who would be surprised if the ethos of a Hebrew version of the Marquis de Sade rules the world?

Bjerknes says they were leading figures in Poland, which might explain certain pajamas. Choinski, like Lutostansky, was banned even when mostly unaware of this more secretive side of theirs. He says it was Sabbatean-Frankists behind the French Revolution too. It’s just not precise enough to call them simply “Jews”. Though I do detect the spirit of Zevi in a great many ordinary Jews.

I’m going to have to look into these spawning grounds

(Dönmeh = another name for Sabbatean crypto-Jews.)

Bjerknes shows you sooo many avenues

So… was it the Mashiach Zevi and his followers that led to our current political order (if you catch my drift)

Poland = Secular Hell. And why is that? Can it be traced back to Zevi?

Just read Bjerknes all day and you can’t go wrong.

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