A provisional bibliography from the Heebnet

Historians that preceded Scholem explain the Saturn movement by pointing to social factors, whereas he was emphatic that it arose for religious reasons

the [Lurianic Kabbalah] that was common among the people was the foundation on which the Shabbat faith flourished.

Forget the heebs, let’s see what they say in Poland where the Frankists spawned

That is bound to exist somewhere, far away from prying goyim eyes.

Well there’s an obvious one to start with

What are the Frankists’ secret books? They pretended to be Christian and probably read Frank himself, for starters.

I’m starting to understand Choinski on a new level with this angle.

Whoa, apparently one of Poland’s greatest poets who I’ve never heard of (we don’t know anything about Hell) wrote a spinoff of the Divine Comedy which criticizes the Frankists, and some regard it as a precursor to the Protocols. This is Zygmunt Krasiński. He wrote this in 1833 – Frank died in 1791. They call it a “tainted masterpiece”.

Forgive me for constantly thinking about striped pajamas when learning about all this

So we have another Egyptian Darkness on our hands here, i.e. another literary representation of “the problem”. This one insta-translates too.

I’m trying to determine the roots of the ideology of what the teens call the illuminati.

Apparently Krasiński was influenced by Stanisław Staszic who was writing about a secret order that undermined the nation as early as 1790. I’ve written about him before. It’s strange that after my several investigations into Poland AKA Hell I’m only now learning about the Frankist dimension.

Unlike Egyptian Darkness there appears to be lots of writings on this Krasiński book.

Are you content looking at Epstein and saying “Yeah he’s a Jew” or wouldn’t you rather say “Yeah he’s a Sabbatean-Frankist Jew and this is where his beliefs derived from”?

Heh so they performed it

“As we know, the Jews want to destroy everything in Krasiński – Christianity, revolution, humanity – and take power over the world” – had to say Konrad Swinarski about the Non-Divine Comedy staged at the Stary Theater in 1965

My question is to what degree was it their secretive messiah movement of redemption through sin that led to people wanting to kill them? If it’s a substantial degree then they kind of left that part out of Schindler’s List. You might think this doesn’t mean anything until the next time a republican president who is so moderate he’s cringe is elected and they start relating him to Hitler. “Hell” is still very much alive in our culture’s emotions. And I want to know the facts behind it. A messiah that had incestuous orgies? People who saw him as the messiah pretending to be Christian and infiltrating the government? While that might sound far-fetched I don’t think it is an exaggeration – simply click the resources I’ve linked to recently.

This is how Scholem began his study, you tell me if he had reverence for him

I see this book title and it’s sinister to think that by virtue of its very nature you’d never know if it ended in 1816

Wut is this

They even have to bury the ones that they bribed.

This is an interesting article containing lots of bibliography – from googling “choinski frankizm”.

This is the right question to ask

Or in other words, it’s possible for a secret society to be virtuous and genuinely wise. The question about these ones is if they have questionable motives due to theological/philosophical confusions and/or botched initiations.

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