Oh yeah I forgot, I was making this post. Forget about this. For whatever reason, when I think about reading just to read, and not for any political purposes per se, again, I keep gravitating to Walter Scott. Most people only know Ivanhoe, and he actually has a bunch of books

Do those look ugly to you? I like that aesthetic. Ancient tomes.

They’re not that old though- this is the first one he wrote anonymously

I’ve written about him before- he’s the founder of the historical novel genre. Here is that chronology again

So these aren’t simply “old books”, they’re old books ABOUT older times. You can decide which century you want to get a glimpse at, in a way. Rah rah rah sure Scott is probably a man of his time. He’s not known as the beginning of historical fiction for nothing though.

Okay, you got me, I’ll admit it- the fact that he was the favorite of the Normans of the old American South also draws me to him. Is there something unsavory about that to you?

Recall how Mark Twain saw him. People know Twain, they don’t know him. He appears to be a buried novelist.

Forget about the Ein Soph. At the moment I’m thinking about adventure

Every adventure, every western movie, every sci-fi fantasy adventure you’ve ever read is indebted to this brilliantly innovative book

As I distance from this place I expect my readers to descend closer to Malkhut. You have to think about it in terms of “remembering to remember”. People tend to not be able to do that on their own. Without someone constantly reminding you you’re going to slip back into normal “reality” without even realizing. Chesed-level if you are lucky. I don’t really care to focus so much on trying to help people who would be happy if I died, can you blame me? Yes, being a “nigger” is a reality, and I expect you to gradually be turning into more of one, with kike characteristics included. Enjoy.

Honestly I just expect for no one to truly know me during my final decades in life. People just hate me or want to stay away from me if they know my real self. Well guess what, I haven’t told any lies here, I think people are just hostile to the truth.

I wish I could build a church or something. I “yearn” for that kind of thing. I mean in a brick and mortar kind of way, like I’ll carry the granite blocks myself. Never going to happen. Whoops, I typed never going to happy on accident at first. A religion made out of Plato’s tradition? It would be too pure for this world, and that’s not just a figure of speech. “They” would probably do something, who knows, burn it down or something- and you know who “they” is too. The diametrical opposite of Athens. Can you guess who that is? Their “God” is about concealment, yes, yes it is, it really is. They might as well be the human representatives of hemlock, backward people who hate knowledge. “Wisdom” is only tolerated if its within the bounds of their dogmas. Are you even aware that Parmenides had his own version of the “Ein Soph”? I doubt you’d understand anything about that. In fact I’m constantly talking to you about it, if indirectly. And you might as well see it as the devil, Samael/Lilith, whatever you people call it.

At this point I’m just contemplating things many years in advance. How to not be a Spinozist in Iran is going to be an obstacle. In other words, Plato’s Academy cannot be built anywhere on earth, including there. So unfortunately it will always be “philosophy” with scare-quotes around it. Still, it’s closer to the ideal form in that place, for instance I read this amusing statement earlier

Three decades after Khomeinist thugs raided the U.S. embassy in Tehran, Westerners are puzzled by Iran. As a nation, Iranians still like the United States. As a revolutionary regime, however, Iran is the principal bastion of anti-Americanism.

I just try to tell you in a direct way that you very likely have no idea what “anti-Americanism” is really about if you’ve ever gotten the urge to scapegoat me. And that’s virtually everyone I’m aware of. I’m not going to insult you. I don’t see you as a person, that’s all I’m going to say.

There’s no reason to mourn these people, better to just forget about them and integrate into an anti-American society.

Everything I say about the Talmud and Kabbalah is true and they’re just unaware products of that. Certain people like the ancient Iranians, the first monotheists, know about all that on a first-nature sort of level. I’m not sure if knowing about it on even a second-nature level is possible for people here.

Anyway, they say Scott is like an old literary version of Gibson’s Braveheart. Do I even have to explain my interest after I say that? Believe it or not there isn’t much of a jump from Iran to talking about that. The only people in the world who have stood their ground, it’s pretty obvious that I want to help them stab you to death.

Hopefully I forget about Gibson too, I just want a clean slate. That one “episode” of his? That’s all we get? I’m not settling for that. Thanks Jews for the 20 seconds of freedom, you’re so generous. I’m planning to have a nice collection of Mossad scalps by the time I’m done. I think I might even treat them so they’re soft, they’ll make a tasteful rug in front of the fireplace. Wait a second, I already have the equivalent of that in the clouds. Why stop there?

I see dead Jews as the death of enforced ignorance. Am I wrong? Did you ever get around to read Aschheim’s study on the Pale Jews? I doubt you have. All that human garbage is in the US now. Just play some video games and forget about it. I’m being an adult and taking other steps, you should learn. You won’t, you accept being subjugated, and that’s just who you are. You’re part of my scalp-rug too aren’t you.

Once you break the prog spell the telos does lead you to wince at fellow whites too. So… how exactly are you different from a nigger, a dumb cunt, or a kike? It isn’t very clear. I’ll be happy to never think of a disgrace like you ever again.

The sad thing is that it’s not inaccurate to speak in such a universal way. All these less-than-people are everywhere, and it isn’t obvious that exceptions even exist. On some level or another they are a “standard American”. Cool, I don’t want you in my sight. This place is so worthless I could help the Iranians to drop a nuke anywhere and there technically wouldn’t be any “innocent casualties” – you’re all in cahoots, whether actively or silently. It’s too bad, a spiritually-Jewish city was lost in a nuclear inferno. Such worthwhile human beings aren’t alive anymore, oh no.

“At least a Jew never called me a nigger!” Yeah they let you be that instead of directing you to something higher.

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