You miss me? Get used to it. This is where misology leads. You’re going to be blind now.

I just hope there are some that understand more abstract meanings to all this. I try to show you the limits of epistemology. Many people have multiple personalities when shown those limits.

The last couple years I detect they went with the blindness-advocate personality. No one’s going to be looking out for you anymore, you decided that for yourself.

It’s interesting to me in an emanationist sense. A certain ascended light will only be refracted directly oppositely. The Netzach types, that’s who they are, that’s their Nature.

Again, if you want to know my own self-understanding, the dispute revolves around epistemology. This isn’t merely a detached academic game or something. People’s heart and soul is involved in epistemology. What limits you put on it reveals your very identity.

I don’t really feel moved to tell you anything profound anymore. I only sees miles and miles of NPCs looking at me. Check the URL here, I obviously have an amor fati attitude about it. That’s who you are. Cool.

I just hope some understand this on more of a mystical level. You want me to put it bluntly or not? Retards and cowards are incentivized to spread their idiocy, while people who are aware of higher levels of the emanation are sanctioned and scapegoated. I don’t know how irony-poisoned my readers are, I just see this as a matter concerning God and Truth, emanation and epistemology.

I’ve already tried my “darnedest” to try to get you to click into a different ontological cognition, and it seems pretty futile. When I speak of “the world” part of what I mean to imply is that people in that place don’t care at all about God and Truth. Talking about those themselves only occurs at a certain level of emanation depending on the person perceiving it. “I know what those are.” Sure you do, act like a zoo animal one moment then tell me you understand what those are in the next. You don’t even have a clue. And no one’s going to be even trying to watch out for you anymore.

You can’t be independent without outside help, and you relate to the only kind of person who could help you in a hostile way. That’s the recipe for “permanent nigger”. There are lots and lots of those. There’s no easy way to say it. It’s best just to forget, if that’s what you are. IS that best for you, though? If you want to try to actually be humble maybe your lot could improve. No, that light can only refract in an opposite direction. Hence, “permanent”.

It’s not an “act” or a noble lie or theirs, it’s who they are. That’s the unfortunate truth. Whatever you want to call it, Fraudworld, do you want to call it that? It’s not an act, they’re truly frauds, and they hate anyone who questions them about that fact. It’s not an act, that’s who they are- bioleninism in other words. And let’s not forget what kind of “human” Lenin was. Permanent. Born to be Jewish slaves. Do you know what that means? You don’t even care about their secret beliefs, you only follow orders unquestioningly. Talmud, Kabbalah? Try for a second to stop pretending you care at all about that. You’re here on this earth to follow orders.

See, I sense I’m only talking to these “permanent” ones here.

So many years now and I’ve never seen anyone speak of the posthuman in an honest manner, despite the countless time I’ve detailed what that involves. That’s not the ethos that’s allowed. Silicon Valley for instance has its algorithms deliberately geared toward making invisible anyone who questions their prehuman ethos. They subtly brainwash people. I’m not exaggerating, it’s really messed up if you ask me, that I’ve never seen anyone speaking in an honest way about one of my favorite concepts from Nietzsche, for years. What is it that stops you from even speculating about it? I want better people in the future. I don’t see that through a prog lens at all because that’s so deceptive. Just look at the “tone” of conversation in the US. The non-neech people are striving to lower the tone of conversation even more. This isn’t some kind of fantasy, this is what they’re doing. It’s a palpable shift that I’ve detected the last few years too. The NPCs want everyone to be like them. And most of them now are. I remember a few people on the English-speaking internet who weren’t lost in the brainwash, and they’re disappeared. Who? What, you thought you could interrupt the plan toward an even duller populace? Which brings me to my point, that I have the unshakable perception that my own readers are already part of the brainwash too much. You ARE that duller populace. Keter is being shut down. Ron Paul was right, the lights are going out in more ways than one.

Just try to be humble please. It’s a real thing that’s happening. If you can’t accept the fact that the Hindus are right about castes then you’ll never understand this.

Bless their hearts, certain castes are living in Malkhut with very limited self-awareness. No one is going to be helping you. I’ve been trying to help you, and I have to do other things now.

“It doesn’t matter.” Yes it does matter, because we are speaking of different levels of soul. Do you want to live at an animal level of soul? Those exist. Our prevailing ethos pretends they don’t exist. They do. Priest-types like me aren’t going to be helping you anymore. I for instance can wander around Malkhut knowing in glaring detail what the realm is about, and that is not the case for most people. The light is going out, and I only tell you because I care, even if I mostly expect to be talking to people who have no hope at all.

The light already is out.

I just told you, years I’ve never seen any sign to refute that. The cough cough “permanent” people want to make sure you don’t understand the implications of that.

“We’re all retards now!” And that’s so true I don’t see the point in even talking to you.

Do not be fooled that it is merely a “retardation cult”, it’s more importantly a secretive retardation cult. Everything about them exudes secrecy. Society is getting dumber and no one should know about it.

“We’ll admit that right this moment.” No, you’ll hide that, continually, because you probably have a stake in it yourself. What are you trying to hide?

[Niggers respond]

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