On an alternate timeline here is what you would’ve been learning about today my pleasant reader

I have to stay away from the Forms for a while. Are you going to hold it against me? I’ve been hanging by a thread because that’s all I care about, and I can’t do that. Seriously, messing with these people takes extremely special conditions, and not always good ones let me tell you. There are so many ways that they capture intellects. The rare kind that goes to college to study philosophy usually will be captured too. And then from there there’s not much hope I don’t think, because initiation into philosophy is something of a prerequisite I’d say. And I know proud autodidacts will disagree with me- however, there’s something about being in the presence of real, live elders that is necessary for a visceral understanding. From there, obviously, they baptize people into leftism in one form or another. I don’t know, maybe I’m just a natural rebel because that didn’t work on me. Because they did try, I went to a liberal arts school. Still, I think live elders are important. In books people aren’t truly “real” and thus you can’t identify with them in a concrete way.

I can go on and on and on about what is involved in “messing with these people”. That itself proves it’s not a “conspiracy”. Truly, they’d be happy if you died. It’s not just them either, it’s their minions, and virtually EVERYONE is one of their minions. Parents aren’t really parents, the state is the parent of people, and the nature of the state might surprise you. Take a look at the above quote and use your imagination. So when you mess with them their “children” will not be happy with you. That’s just one of the many factors. I have to re-emphasize though that a true love of wisdom is the main thing that is needed. And they subvert that in people in myriad ways. If you have that then you have to find an institutional initiation apparatus, and then be able to go beyond that too. After spending a few days in Malkhut now I do remember that people are not like that at all. They care about status, family, money, sex, drugs, just being “chill” basically, and not bringing up any of this political stuff, especially the kinds involving a certain religion. If you love wisdom too much you’re not going to get any of those things mentioned there. People laugh at me for this and I literally want to fucking kill the people controlling our society, and I don’t think it’s something to joke about. And it takes very rare conditions to even be able to think about them critically in any way. If you know their true nature then you’ll want them dead, it’s really simple. Without anyone telling you what they are your life is going to be controlled by people who would be better off dead if you weren’t ignorant about what they are. It’s part of the RUSE to see them as benevolent. You’re not part of their little club, you’re livestock to them.

Whatever, I already know people are done for. I’ve already given you hundreds of ideas on what to do against them and I’ve never see any materialize. Only the opposite. Everything falls into their plans. What do you want me to do, I can’t keep trying to help you, at a certain point you just have to accept that people here are “natural slaves”. And the show WILL go on. They don’t like their minions being aware of the unfiltered light, they want you living in their world without being aware you’re living in their world.

Let’s think of another prerequisite- they use their whores to try to shut you up. My advice is to simply recognize them as a whore in more ways than one. Both a dumpsterslut and a Weinsteinian shiksa. Their souls are sold. Many of them probably would have been Madam Maxwell if they’d been given the opportunity. This is the stage of decadence we’re in, sorry to tell you the bad news- I hope I don’t have a daughter because this is a culture which enshrines a slut-like level of lack of dignity as sacred and demonizes motherhood. Who wants a daughter in this environment? Trust me (I hope you can trust me) many whores have stabbed me. This is one of the prerequisites. Are you excited to try this now? They are not happy when you bring up this “moral relaxation” that the Sabbateans facilitate. Because that means their life is a lie, and they realize in the real world they have the status of a prostitute. Who would be happy to be told that? And yet, how true it is.

So what else. Don’t expect “friends” unless you’re cool with friends in old books. Prepare yourself for a happy time, let me tell you. I’m being gravely serious though. Renunciation of the world and self is necessary. I can’t even begin to tell you about what sorts of humiliations I’ve gone through in order to honor the name of philosophy. It’s not a joke, I’m not bragging, I’m only telling you what is required, so you can do it more smoothly yourself. Lots of turbulence in my effort against this planetary evil. If I had to say one thing you should probably do that I didn’t is find a nice girl who has a similar worldview as you. That would’ve made everything a lot easier for me. I’ve felt like Tom Hanks on Castaway for years now. That’s why people don’t want to do it. ZOG will chew you up and spit you out, then do it again, and again, and again, and again. Are you excited? Prefer to play some golf and talk business and leave politics to your own personal thoughts? I can’t blame you. That’s why you can’t expect any friends, because people will resent you for not taking the easy way like they did. Use my rationality to be a lawyer, really? What a joke-life that would be. And yet, that’s honored in fraudworld, and that’s all people want. Fraud-status, fraud-bucks, fraud-wife, that’s how I see it all. I see most things through Heidegger’s concept of Concern. They don’t have true concern for the beings in Being. I mean, do my readers even? Who am I talking to, denizens of fraudworld who resent you for talking like this. Cool man, I can’t focus as much on the Forms right now because I’ve been doing that for years and have to have concern for my own self once in a while, I know that seems so greedy of me.

Just trying to inform younger people who have a genuine love of wisdom what is truly involved in that. I hope I don’t scare them away. I’m not exaggerating when I talk about “niggerworld”. That’s what nearly all the world is. They don’t care about wisdom, don’t make me laugh. Even the ones who seem to care about that on the surface are actually anti-intellectual. Trust me if you want, that’s the fact. They want to have their cake and eat it too. That isn’t possible. World-renunciation is required.

Leave me be now, please. What is this Malkhut, this must be the next layer of hell I’ve been sent to for daring to challenge enforced ignorance. Just a constant reminder that you’re always going to be alone if you play this game. “I just want a mansion and a hot wife, so shut your mouth.” Who’s the person walking into that mansion everyday? Someone who doesn’t truly love wisdom, probably. Go ahead and prove me wrong, do you see any billionaires talking about the things I do? It just goes to show that all the way at the top you aren’t able to live in both worlds at once. So make only six figures and you definitely won’t. You’ll have a blowup doll you bribed at least. That’s just rude, isn’t it? That’s just how it seems to me, you don’t have to take my word for it. What exactly keeps you from realizing the nature of your own self-deceptions anyway?

I think most people don’t really give a crap about anything. Then they surround themselves with others who give a similar level of crap, which isn’t much, and that keeps them from having too many self-doubts. “It’s time for you to just jump right into the world and forget about all this.” No, I doubt it, I’ll probably still be writing here, just less frequently for now. I had the illusion for a while that people cared more about things, and they don’t. There’s no use putting so much time into that. I can have my thoughts and think them without needing to write about them while doing other things too, now that I know people really just don’t care about much. Hey, at least your phony friends smile at you or give you “likes”, that’s all you need in life I guess. Some of us feel despair if we try to settle for that. After seeing all those “prerequisites” you’re probably like Yup, that’s fine. Okay, then confess it in public, and don’t pretend you actually care about things, because you don’t.

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