It’s a momentous task to try to define what philosophy is. I will try to attempt it.

It will make people cry.

And that’s only one feature of it. Because crying leads to anger, and anger leads to something less than philosophy. Thus, moderation is fused with the nature of philosophy.

Think of it simply as self-awareness- it makes most people sad and mad (in that order), thus if you want self-awareness around you need to buffer that sadness and madness with “feel good”.

And now we’re getting closer to religion. Defining philosophy and defining religion seem to be connected.

Dear reader, what are you doing here? Only certain people should be asking these questions at all, and I’m not sure you’re one of those people.

There are plenty of ways of defining philosophy and certain of them are not allowed in public discourse, and I believe that awareness itself helps us define it. In this light, it’s not something that intrinsically causes happiness. Philosophy is diluted with religion to cause happiness. The part of the mix that is philosophy is not what causes happiness.

And when I think of the grifters out there, there’s nothing they really say that is going to cut anyone. In that sense there’s no philosophy there. It’s just one type of grifter cult after another.

I’m not going to hide my understanding of philosophy. What I often talk about here I see as representing “the ultimate pain”. In other words it’s THEE part of their religion that they don’t want to think about. Religion is candy. At the same time, without any pain a religion will not experience growth.

I’m just trying to relay my intuition about this even when I have better things to do, because I know that the “priests” of the academy have a monopoly on the meaning of philosophy and they’d never talk about it this way. Try to remember- there IS something negative about it. Not so negative it sends people to nihilism. Its nature however does seem to be negative, i.e. critical of the highest powers, whether religious or political.

“They don’t care, man, they’re part of the prog-jew religion.” That’s exactly why I talk to them, because they don’t seem to have a perfect understanding of things. “Yeah and we’ll scapegoat you without ever saying your name” – that’s your religion? It sounds like a cult, one that prizes ignorance.

I’m just trying to isolate something crucial. The “feel good” place, when I set myself the task of defining “philosophy”, seems to be the main enemy. You’re trying to hide a bunch of lies so you can feel happy. People aren’t going to be too happy with you, obviously. You live in a depraved world, and you’re probably part of it, so why do you think you deserve to feel happy about that?

You don’t have a reason, you don’t have an excuse, you’re just a bad person surrounded by people similar to you. If you’re a self-denying piece of shit in the world philosophy is a noble thing for asking why you should be happy about that.

Mention how there’s a Jewish plot to make people retarded, you sellout. What’s the difference between you three?

None of them want to be reminded of what they are.

I’m just giving you an off-the-cuff definition of what I take to be the essence of the matter in question. Philosophy is not something that is going to make you feel good, it’s the very opposite. And guess what? When you talk to rabble the only way they are able to interpret that is by continuing to be a Jew’s slave except with a heightened intensity.

Hey there pal, there are millions of sites where you can find a place to feel good. If you let morality die so that you could live a worldly life that means you don’t deserve to feel good.

Ahh then I remember the “Forever Nigger” phenomenon. Born that way, will die that way, as a lesser form of life that strives to convince everyone they’re not similar to a monkey.

At this point if you’ve survived I’m just telling you as a friend that most Americans seem like they’re living in a monkey dimension of reality, and hopefully they can be helped.

“Philosophy” isn’t supposed to say that.

Just between me and you, the ones who say “Philosophy isn’t supposed to say that” seem like they’re in the monkey dimension. Sorry to inform you.

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