I feel more alive when I’m not online all the time. If you’re like me you should try it, it’s easy to forget. Just really ordinary things, like I saw these truck lights and I had a partial mystical experience realizing that anything exists at all. That ever happen to you? As much as I talk about maintaining distance from the rabble, when I’m online I am entwined with them. I know they visit here and I know they see me as some kind of evil warlock that needs to be burned at the stake. That’s a dirty feeling to have, and I’ve just gotten used to it. What can you do. “You’re disrupting the plan, man, we don’t like people talking about the plan.” I don’t think you’ve really put much thought into it, you’re just following it.

They just want people to be really humble, that’s what I think a lot of it is about. No, you don’t understand, you could make the earth turn on its axis if you wanted to. There are people who have taken it upon themselves to do that, and you let them spin it however they’d like to and trust in them without thinking about it too much. If they’re not humble why should we be?

It’s too bad the bovine goyim cannot coordinate. I open the door, you walk through, pretty simple, and you couldn’t do it. That’s the state of things with us. Yes, it is “us”. Whether you want to pretend that all humans are one family it’s not true. Jews are one family, blacks are one family, whites are one family, and goyim in general are one family. Basically, you suck. Too many plebs among the goyim, the light does not filter worth a damn through them, and there’s no point in shining it. They’re simply not fated in this life to have any kind of higher self-consciousness. Whether it’s proles, the bourgeoisie, the upper-class, they’re all on the same wave-length and dim level of discourse. Play by the rules why don’t you, do something different for once. Challenge- impossible!

We all know you don’t remember what you had for breakfast yesterday, so what’s the point of reminding you of the basics since you’ll forget immediately anyway?

The human race is not one big happy family, there’s a section of it that has been plotting to do very bad things to the rest for a very long time. It’s usually merely rumored that they’re out for no good. It is actually a fact that is present in their sacred books.

There are levels and levels of it that are beyond ordinary human understanding. Like I said above, whether it’s proles, the bourgeoisie, or the upper-class, everyone is kept at the same kind of mental awareness, only with more bells and whistles as one ascends. Please try to get it into your mind that it’s either Malkhut or Netzach that people live in mentally – and this is enforced. This is a limited type of life. Back to that idea of personally willing the turning of the planet on its axis- anyone could if they wanted. It’s by design that people aren’t aware of that. That’s what it means to dwell in Malkhut or Netzach. “They” decide how the light is for you. It doesn’t have to be that way. I hope I’ve shown you that it can look a lot different from what is expected. Europeans have their own idea of it, and the misers have taken control of our education-system and media so you’d never know otherwise. Their plans are not in your best interests. I’m not a Christian myself either and I can still say that they missed something necessary all those centuries of stubbornly refusing to abandon their bitter, Babylonian exile religion. Whether it’s left-leaning or right-leaning Europeans, their “Mashiach” is not either of their ideal goals. I’m not following it. We’re not even getting into the fine details at present, involving “de-sparking”. It’s pretty obvious you have no personal pride at all if you’re a euro-descended person who follows their plan. At BEST, they see you as a Jewish soul trapped in a goyim body. You have to buy their whole narrative to look at that and say That sounds good to me. You have to say that those 109 expulsions were YOUR fault, not theirs. That’s part of what’s involved in accepting their “universe”. I’ve gone into detail about probably 30 of those expulsions now and you can be the judge as to who was to blame. Everything in politics in 2021 revolves around whether you blame yourself for those expulsions or not. I’m not exaggerating. If you spend all your time in Malkhut you won’t see that easily. Keep backtracking, and be meticulous about it, and that’s what you’ll find. If you ask an Esther victim they will gesticulate wildly about how Jews have such a high IQ and they were only hated for that reason. No, read their “imams” and you will see the truth. They use their smarts to purposely de-spark their host country. Why don’t the Jews’ niggers ever talk about that? Well, one would have to conclude they’re Jews’ niggers. -using hand as a visor and looking around- Where is anyone that doesn’t fall into that category? Nowhere?

Sick of talking to you about this, honestly. I’ve had fun times with some of you people so no hard feelings. My smartphone is busted at the moment and I haven’t even bothered to try to fix it so I can write to you as I’m out in the world. Whites are a defeated people. They were bought, and now they’re property. I just plan on building up shekels in Malkhut until I can smoothly get out of this place to somewhere higher than Chesed, which is what even normies in Iran are at. Did you see their cuisine? Looks otherworldly, and their worldview is similar. Sorry if my posts are closer to memoir-esque lately, like I’ve said though philosophy itself is personal in my mind. You need philosophy to depart from the western world, and in order to do that you need to not care about money or women or family or status or any of that. Now that I’m at this Buddha state I need to spend more time in the world so I can get out of here.

There’s a sort of science you can isolate from this.

Say that goyim are trapped somewhere between Netzah and Malkhut. If you try to go anywhere higher than that then very bad things will happen to you. The advantage however is that once at Keter you are then free to look around the world with a clearer vision. From there you can look at the realm of Da’at which is above Chesed. And from there you can see the goyim trapped between Netzach and Malkhut. You can also see that there are a few countries at Da’at. Are they at Keter? No, at least they’re not below Chesed though, which is where virtually all whites are.

So you have to abandon the cheap, worldly benefits of Netzach in order to see something higher than the Chesed which filters the light for Netzach. From there you can see that there are geographical places at the level of Da’at. That is NOT the US.

And I repeat, Iran is not Keter. The difference is they’re not playing the Jews’ game of being below Chesed.

The trick is to allow yourself to be cast out of Malkhut, Netzach, AND Chesed to be able to realize this. What I call crossing the desert.

I’m not trying to be arrogant or something. I’ve attained Buddha consciousness while living in the US, and am now figuring out a way to move somewhere far away from the dim light they keep people in here.

Online is not the bastion of freedom you probably think it is. Being around English-speakers at all is probably a bad idea.

And don’t try to fool yourself into thinking you know Da’at if you haven’t set fire to Malkhut-Netzach-Chesed.

By the way, hacking the Kabbalah from the inside is quite fun, you should try that. What I regret is that so much art is forced to remain at a worldly level. There seem to be possibilities in Iran. I see it as the new “Paris” or the new “NYC”, and it’s just too soon for people to understand. They just laugh at me for this, without realizing they’re laughing from Chesed or worse.

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