Lie and good things will happen. Tell the truth and bad things will happen. Something not cool about that. People seem evil.

Best just to accept that’s human nature. Leftists, rightists, men, women, jews, browns, whites, I have no real friends at all. That’s by my personal design. They know I’m right about them. They all seem evil to me. They want the worst for you if you give up their little game.

The internet is being “cleaned”, and my distance lately is part of that too. If you find yourself starving for Realpolitik I suggest you scroll around that Elista forum – Franki has lots of perceptive writings too.

I see quiet desperation increasing in the future

Sorry for not sticking around to anyone who appreciates my attempts to ameliorate all this. It’s years now of doing this alone and being surrounded by people who pray for my death. Maybe you should’ve tried harder to do the right thing. Virtually everyone seems evil to me. That’s fine in a way, like I said- that’s just the reality of who they are, and it’s best to accept it.

Higher awareness of the real goings-on of the world fades like a dream. Maybe you’ll be happier if you dissolve into the flow and be one with the evil without anyone reminding you about it. I think certain people deserve more dignity than that. Without the light refracting from a particular height people are bound to be imbued with a mere silver soul. There’s grief in that, because some are made for better. That’s what happens when international merchants take over- you don’t get an optimal life. You’ll really only have a silver awareness if you’re lucky. For most it’s lead. That’s part of what makes people evil- that they need to live in denial about how their world of chatter (which is also their world of conspicuous silences) is the equivalent of lead. They play a game with each other and someone else plays a game with them. They are not happy to be informed about either of these games.

I have to stop pretending to myself that there’s anyone I’m addressing who isn’t at least somewhat tinged with evil. Too many signs for years that virtually everyone only worries about giving the outer appearance that they care about the world.

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