I laugh at the sky when I think about the kinds of things I want in life. How impossible they are. I think the main one is just someone who relates to me. I mean, if I wasn’t under constant surveillance by the so-called government. I’ll never know if there’s anyone that relates to me. I’m talking about someone I could have a normal conversation with without having to pretend to be someone I’m not. I really wonder about that.

We really get into the underground realities here. To say the least. The question is who is actually able to talk about those without defecting to the above-ground dogmas. I’m not sure they exist.

Like I said, I laugh at the sky when I think about all this. And it’s been that way for a while now.

Do you know what’s strange about it though? I sense that if there wasn’t fed surveillance more people would talk about the kinds of things I do. You can see from this that we’re living in a police-state in the true sense of the term. Please make no mistake- many people like that police-state.

There are all kinds of people who don’t want to be called what they are, and we have a secret government service that makes sure no one says the reality about them.

Guess what, you’re not a person. You have to hide people who inform you of that. A society of niggers, that sounds like a utopia. If that’s the result of what your government brings about, is that a good government?

You people don’t care.

The idea of knowing someone who relates to me… If anything, my time unfolding various ideas on the internet has only shown me that they don’t even need feds watching, because everyone is already less-than-human. Why the focus on me, did you ever wonder? It’s because they want the remaining human ones isolated and scapegoated. Guess what you niggers. You remind me of apes. Every last one, no shit no one relates. Nice jungle. Why is the word “nigger” banned? It’s because so many people identify with being a subhuman. That’s right, look in the mirror, you’re a nigger. Make sure to ban us, ape. The majority is on your side, isn’t it. Democracy is subhumanocracy. Seriously, niggers everywhere, white skin and black.

Anyway, just trying to be a “pleasant” person for a second. What other conclusion could I draw? No one else sees the Zoo? I guess there’s no one who relates to me then. It’s quite sad. No, it’s there, the Zoo is real, and all the animals have decided they’re going to hide that reality about themselves.

It seems like nothing to ask, a simple observation, and yet here we are. The idea of a person who relates to me makes me laugh at the sky. That’s not a good sign for your society. A secret animal zoo? How could you make it more obvious? Hello, nigger. How are you doing? Do you have human emotions and thoughts at all? I’d have to doubt that. It follows from having no one who relates to me that there is an animal conspiracy. You can never admit your “lead” culture. You sound like a nigger every day don’t you? At least to those of us who aren’t that. And you make sure no one knows about that. Guess what, you’re in a zoo. Want to understand why I don’t care to talk to you anymore? There’s your answer. Hello, animal. Hi, you seem like someone I want to talk to. Talking to animals, it’s really fulfilling. Hello. You speak English, right? At least you know that. Just trying to talk about the good things about you. Hello, nigger. What does it feel like anyway to seem like some sort of ape to me? Best way to keep me away from society. Because it’s reality. Yes, apes. Hello. Are you one of the apes? Better not let anyone know about that. Otherwise they’d show you the respect an ape deserves, right?

Don’t get me talking about Jewish slaves now.

All I’m saying is the meaning of life seems to involve people relating to you and understanding you, and this seems like a way to separate the wheat from the chaff. Are Jews a type of subhuman? It seems that way to me. Hello, ape. Feel guilty at all? I don’t even have to ask. They know they’re niggers. So how does it feel for subhumans to have a say in society? All the subhumans love it. It means people pretend they don’t perceive something reminiscent of monkeys there. Hello, monkey. You speak English? Keep reading books, you will get better, I promise. Giving a monkey certain books to read, it’s all too real. They can’t handle certain books. No response? I don’t expect monkeys to have a response. Oo oo ah ah? Yes, that is what I’d expect a monkey to tell me. So, the monkey deduced one of those books revealed their game of being recognized as a non-monkey. “If people read that then they’ll KNOW about us!” Yes, this is a collection of niggers that has gravitated here for the most part. That’s all true, what are you going to do about it? I have plans for you, if you’d like. I think I could help you. You’d rather live in this denial though wouldn’t you. I know how to make you less monkey. You obviously can’t handle it. Mr. Jew has no faults at all, right? And that’s the more convoluted matter. South Americans, Africans, etc. are easy to see the faults of. When you study a Jew it’s not so simple. They can start by explaining why they feel personally accused when I hint that they’re some kind of subhuman. No, they won’t admit that in public. Or even to themselves?

Ask yourself in this moment- do you feel guilty when I say you’re a subhuman?

That’s all you need to know.

Hello, nigger.

So what do we do when we both know you feel guilt at the accusation that you want people to not ask whether subhumans pretend they’re humans?

It seems you’ve been detected. Are you going to be okay when you realize you’re part of a majority that seeks to pretend people who are less than human are human?

I’d have to deduce you have your own less than human intentions. What a nigger. Make that your name when you talk publicly. It would be very revealing.

No worries, this is just fantasy. It certainly isn’t possible for humanity to turn even less than human than it already is. There’s no collection of subhumans who don’t care if this happens, just don’t worry about it.

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