Ideally one should know the Friend as well as one knows the Enemy. So I’ll probably get to Shi’ism later. For now, THIS Stupid Ivan simply loves wringing the secrets out of the Enemy. The different “Torahs” can ackshually be mapped on to the different sephirothic worlds


What we usually think of as “the Torah” originated in Malkhut. And I pulled the above quote from Scholem, so their higher-ups have been well aware that our cherished Old Testament refracts at the dimmest level of the emanation.

And no, I don’t expect many people to care about this. See the above–Nefesh HaBehamit–I don’t expect animalistic souls to care much about anything valuable. That’s pretty much everyone in the US it seems.

Already 500+ years ago many considered even the Talmud as emanating from somewhere around Yetzirah. You can get into their brain with neuroscience or you can get into their brain this way. However, I don’t think fat-storage is going to tell us much.

The Atzilut Torah they believed was taught to them by the Mashiach and his “imams”

The Torah of atzilut is thus not identical with the teaching of the historical Sabbatai Zevi, either before or after his apostasy. At that moment it could not even have been described or conceived and therefore could be transmitted only in the most general terms. Only after the passage of thirty years, long after the death of Sabbatai Zevi, was that further step taken whereby Baruchya set up his nihilistic Torah as the content of the teachings propounded by Sabbatai Zevi.

Baruchya, very likely another name you’ve never heard. Kind of like how you probably weren’t aware of Ali. Both the Friend and the Enemy are shrouded in obscurity.

It seems to me that we’re living in this world of theirs

It’s not a new morality per se, because it’s a conscious inversion of morality. Zevi had sex with his own daughter for example. Do you believe in morality or no? “It’s all a matter of perspective!!” Okay, right, go fuck your daughter then, you sound like someone I want around. Again, this probably sounds far-fetched, and I’m not making it up, google it for yourself. How’s that South Park song go? You’re such a fucking bitch, uncle-fucker? That’s how I’m going to greet you moral relativists from now on.

In the higher world, morality is suspended

there are two aspects of the one essential Torah, i.e., the Torah as it is understood in the supernal World of atzilut and the Torah as it is understood in the lower World of beriah.

So in other words, the Old Testament is going to look different when read through the lens of Zevi, the Keter of Kabbalah.

I linked you yesterday to one rabbi who hates this interpretation of Judaism – so don’t think this is a unanimous understanding among heebs or something

He thinks the ones in charge give Jews a bad name.

Am I wrong to see American normie Jews as having this general ethos though?

cherished as their goal “the annihilation of every religion and positive system of belief,”

Was Derrida a Sabbatean?

Their goy minions of today do seem to have many resonances with Sabbateanism.

This is what I meant when I said the political mystery is solved and only needs the details sketched in. Because awareness of even the dim world of Yetzirah where the Talmud emanates from is enough to blow the cover off all their duplicities. Still, we can ascend to the higher understanding at Atzilut.

On a personal note, I’m beginning to warm up to the idea of Persian women. It’s clear that the ones here are born into this inversion of morality. I’m not asking for much, okay? They scoff at the idea that there’s a “good” path to take in life. I don’t want anything to do with someone like that. It’s a total cringe circus everywhere you look. And the men have pussies between their legs and don’t say anything against it. Subhuman disgraces all around, be proud.

Keep in mind that the movement of Judaism in question here is inherently secretive – a “formal” part of their religion is pretending to be something they’re not

Frank’s successors… who educated their children in the spirit of this mystical sect, were among the leaders, in 1832, of the first “Reform” organization

This was in Germany and the surrounding areas by the way. And you can make of that what you will! What do you mean, you don’t like secret uncle-fuckers who utilize usury and nepotism to take control of your institutions and brainwash your children being in your country? What are you, a Nazi or something?

The goyim are such niggers they don’t care at all. The one who informs them of all this is the bad person in their eyes.

I had a moment of acceptance yesterday, elation washed over me, when I realized it’s TRUE, THAT’S WHAT THEY ARE! There’s no helping subhuman apes. Enjoy the basketball, niggers.

Without whites around will they even know how to inflate them anymore? I somehow doubt it. They’ll probably be balling up squirrel hides – can’t dribble those very well I imagine.

Anyway let’s continue tracing back the baboonification of white people

Not only did most of the families once associated with the Sabbatian movement in Western and Central Europe continue to remain afterward within the Jewish fold, but many of their descendents, particularly in Austria, rose to positions of importance during the 19th century as prominent intellectuals, great financiers, and men of high political connections.

It’s great when Scholem himself says something like this. Then you know it’s not a ~fascist~ spreading hateful lies.

Who wants to admit that their great-grandparents were the products of incestuous orgies? Something about the telos of Judaism does seem quite “Satanic”.

The secrets of the Talmud are so 8-bit in light of Sabbatean-Frankism.

The kweeeenz are freeeeeee to be floozy failmoms, yay! We made progress didn’t we.

The next generation is going to be such garbage I’m glad I won’t be here for it. Being a millennial woman’s child, I wouldn’t wish that curse on anyone.

Back to business though- it would be very helpful if instead of calling them simply “Jews” we knew them as Sabbateans. The aim is to see them from Keter rather than from Malkhut. To me it’s still an open question, I’m just finding lots of evidence that Zevi-ism had a strong and hidden presence for centuries. It’s not just the Talmud, it’s not just the Zohar, that’s just surface-level.

This isn’t surprising

The Frankists today no longer call themselves by that name.

Them too??

In Jewish circles, they dominate the Reform movement at many levels and the Conservative movement at the highest level.

The Sabbatean “vibe” you get from secular Jews is obvious – I was thinking the religious ones might have steered clear of this “messianic movement”.

This Rabbi I’ve been pulling this from isn’t too happy, he’s trying to expose them

Oooh so you don’t say?

Even if leading personalities in the revolutions of 1848 and 1917 were rational, it should be realized that the king-priest class of backers was addicted to raw mysticism of the worst kind, black or “red” kabbala, as opposed to the innocuous white Kabbala. Frankist Sabbatian mysticism, or the red kabbala, was a very important factor in the Communist Revolution of 1848 and the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.

It’s pretty lazy to call them simply “Jews”. Here are the writings of Frank himself if you’re interested. The spirit of the spirit of the spirit, right? And he died in 1791 so there’s no doubt been several updates since then. I’m just keeping YOU updated to where I am.

To them a bright emanation is only allowed for golden souls

In the Sabbatian theosophy, the heretical torah was called the torah of atzilut, a play on the latter word which has dual meaning—emanations and aristocracy; emanations in the mystical sense and aristocratic in the Platonic class sense.

The Magi of Iran have their own perception of the emanation, and their own aristocracy. Wanting to know more about Shi’ism yet, or is that just me? Virtually the only ones in the world who have demonstrated themselves to be impervious to the Sabbateans. Oh yeah dude I’m excited to spend the next decades of my life in a country of theirs where morality has been inverted.

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