Just doing a ctrl+f of “frank” through Bjerknes’ books since he’s one of the only trustable people out there

The Eastern European Jews, descendants of the Frankists, took the opportunity to infiltrate American society with Communism and Anarchism

I want to be SUPER precise. I do not want to settle for calling them “Kabbalists”.

Heh he says Einstein was a Frankist. Am I the only one who finds that funny? So many secrets and lies. It’s the nice man with the chalk and the crazy hair, you wouldn’t expect it.

I’m tellin you, this would explain EVERYTHING about “Hell”

Frankist Jews in Poland asserted in the 1700’s and throughout their later history that the Messiah had arrived in the person of Jacob Frank.

Something has to explain why the enforced belief is that civilized people are bad and savages are good

They don’t have to be part of some mystical group, just observe closely any random Yid and you will see that this inversion is the air they breathe. Evil is good! And yes I do consider the various types of human garbage they uphold as saints to be “evil”. No offense, women who are closer to the animal level are a type of evil, albeit a necessary one that isn’t so animal-like if given firm guidance.

“Oy vey my Bubbee isn’t a product of incest!”

The Jewish population in the United States steadily rose from 200,000 in 1880, to several million by 1920. These were “Polish Jews” from the old Polish Empire, which had since been taken over by Russia—after the Shabbataian and Frankist Jews had largely destroyed Poland.

See, I thought the political mystery was solved, and this adds a whole new dimension. This also puts a new light on their rampant sex-trafficking in the Pale. Redemption through sin, eh?

Oh yeah I forgot to show you this from Scholem

That angry Rabbi from earlier mentions the names of certain banking dynasties in connection with this.

Don’t get confused when I mention Franko [sic] here now, I haven’t written about him since march. This is something he said about Galicia in 1887

Now here’s Bjerknes

There was a high concentration of Frankist Hasidic Jews in Galicia and one wonders how many of those Jewish Communist subversives who emigrated to America from Galicia were Frankists.

So was it Franko among the Frankists? Galicia is a key Atlantean region so it would be good to know. Who has the memory to remember my posts on Ivan Franko? I can’t expect many. Ahh if I had a Study Center there would be people researching him exclusively. Keep dreamin, not in zogworld. They wear their shackles like jewelry here. Being a slave is high fashion, can’t expect to make much headway with these subhumans.

This would explain everything about something else too

Many of the Jews emigrating to Germany from the East were the descendants of the Frankists, who had pledged themselves to destroy the Gentile nations

“Huh, my Bubbee had that crossed-eye because she was shat out of an orgy of incest, now it all makes sense!”

The kind of people who control your life, no big deal

Alright, those are the best bits about Frankism from that 5000 page Einstein book of Bjerknes’, now I’m back to that angry Rabbi’s

The term klipa is a veiled reference to violent revolution.

You’re living in one of those right now, it’s just that the violence is usually too subtle to be recognized for what it is. Despair at the emptiness of life in zogworld I’d characterize as an infliction of violence, for instance.

This explains something- ever heard of Haskalah? It’s the Jewish Enlightenment, the beginning of their secularization. The Frankists were not only behind Reform Judaism. Here is what this Rabbi says of the founder of Haskalah

Mendelssohn is called the sage of the deeper secret meaning of Sabbatian theosophy

Think of that idea from my previous post on the different Torahs aligning with the different sephirothic worlds

had a significant role in the destruction of the sephira of tifferet; that lower supernal sanctum where the Lord of Israel dwells, has been assigned to Moses Mendelssohn.

That’s one of the meanings of the “Messianic Age” which Zevi supposedly brought about, that the old Torah is voided. You thought they were bad before when they “only” believed in the Talmud, well I’ve got news for you. Keter, the brightest emanation, says morality itself is voided.

Okay, I’ve written probably like a 3000 page book at this point, and it’s pretty clear that people aren’t going to budge from either being content with the voiding of morality or doing absolutely nothing about it, so on to Shi’ism I suppose.

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