Bjerknes was writing about this in 2006

Instead of the Mashiach, they said the Hidden Imam will only return by means of redemption through sin. Hint, they didn’t really care about the Hidden Imam. Do OUR Sabbateans really care about “equality”? I doubt it. The only time Jews will stop being Jews is when they’re dead in a ditch.

These “Hojjatieh” were opposed to Khomeini (PBUH), so that’s a good sign.

My favorite book as a young kid was Hatchet, and I still relate to the protagonist in that, except my hatchet is my laptop basically. Surviving in the wilderness of ZOG. Hopefully I find my way back to civilization one of these days – and it ain’t anywhere in the US.

Our saving grace is that there are hidden pockets on the internet that represent civilization

Not many can tolerate the way people from civilization talk, it’s very direct. You just have to read Bjerknes for yourself, his cadence is very amusing to me. He frequently says “the Jews”, and he’s not wrong so I’m not going to tell him to stop. He has more worthwhile SINGLE PARAGRAPHS than what most pussies in the US say in their entire life. You people are niggers, just own it. Even worse, they’re happy with that. Do you ever see them trying to formulate exit-plans? Nope, they plan to die a nigger too. Whoa, there’s lots of dignity there. All you have to do is spend your 20s to figure this out, and no one bothers, they care about other things, like getting a blowup doll with one of those circular mouth-holes that they treat it as a human being. Oh you can bet I’m laffin about this. Anyway, I know women in particular are extremely uneasy about Islam, and you can trust my judgment or not, I really believe you’d be better off in that kind of environment. This isn’t just a “me” thing, I care about you too. I know it’s impossible to accept, this is just where all my studies have led me. The question is, do the Iranians have everything right about morality? Probably not. The thing is, they don’t live in an order characterized by the INVERSION of morality.

So many disappointments out there in the world. I see Bjerknes rattle off a textwall of pure brilliance and know there are at least some thousands of professors here who could do the same and probably even better, and don’t. They truly have abandoned their role in society. If the brain isn’t doing its job then everything falls into chaos. They probably look at my example and think, No thanks, I’ll leave that to you, I like my cushy high-status place in this albeit fallen civilization. Thanks a lot, it shows how much you care about anything. “You can’t guilt-trip me, I’m already set in my ways.” Thanks. You’re a really inspiring person.

Anyway I’m just trying to understand geopolitics, and want a place to go where I can think clearly. I guess that isn’t important to anyone. My favorite story, of Esther, takes place in Persia, remember. This is a clue that explains why they’re a stronghold today. The US is 250 years old, they didn’t have TEN TIMES that many years to understand the enemy. We’re in an infant country, that’s not good, it’s very vulnerable. And if you’re a citizen here you share in that vulnerability by necessity.

I’m probably just going to put together some of my best writings and translate them into Farsi. By the looks of their internet I think they’d appreciate them there instead of making me into a scapegoat. I can see myself having some real good conversations in Iran, and that’s what I think life is about, and that doesn’t happen here.

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