I keep scrolling through various pdfs on Islamic philosophy and find myself continually gravitating back to this French scholar, there’s no one like him

It was Sunni-refracted before him, now it’s all prog-refracted after him.

For some reason I woke up today thinking about online friends I had as a teenager. They were from a few towns over. To me that was like from a few different worlds over. I don’t know how I’d describe them, maybe they were “punks” or “goths” or something. Either way, their pessimism/realism appealed to me. I was in a small town that was pretty narrow-minded so they were a refreshing bunch. This is kind of how I see European and Middle Eastern writers. Except with the latter it isn’t only a few towns over, it’s thousands of towns over. I miss those old friends of mine, we had a special bond. I need some new friends. At least with them I chatted via instant messenger. What do I have here, books for friends, distant observers as “friends”. Sounds like shit if you ask me.

This frenchie arguably does it better than any of the more familiar POMO types

Corbin’s construction of the Iranian religion undermined traditional Western theology, philosophy, and science.

This is perhaps the most interesting departure to me

All the Christian Heideggerians haven’t offered a viable solution to the death of God given that they all remain within the confines of ZOGworld.

Is this so strange when you look at neech’s magnum opus? “It’s a shameful apostasy!” You just sound like one of those narrow-minded small town folk.

There are lots of different kinds of esotericism (I hate that word, and I use it anyway) and I think I’ve isolated three that seem most crucial for escaping our culture’s mind-control. The first is political esotericism, which I take Strauss/ianism to be the chief representative of. Without understanding how the theological-political is the “first science” or hidden foundational set of axioms that pre-determine all thinking you can’t begin thinking about the other two esotericisms, at least not with any intellectual cleanliness. The other two are Kabbalah and Sufism, the enemy and the friend. You can’t see that one is the enemy and thus that the enemy of the enemy is a friend without first breaking the theological-political hermetic seal. Truly, most cannot endure that necessary step. Did Anne FRANK (ha) fuck your mind or what? Something has to explain it, probably a lack of neural plasticity since impressions were set into the playdoh brain of youth. I know for a fact that those who were raised Christian don’t have much of a chance since they’ll always have the Old Testament deception superimposed over their perception of the Talmudist-Kabbalists. As for the secularists there isn’t much of a chance either due to the steady diet of equating Hitler with Satan throughout their youth.

There are tons of super intelligent French people from the 20th century – in my mind they’re candidates for “the chosen people” – the difference between them and Jews is they mind their own business, imagine that. With that said, the most dangerous frenchies most people have never heard of. Corbin is one, Faurisson is another. The ones you have heard of have a subtle way of strengthening said hermetic seal rather than breaking it. From Sartre to Laruelle it’s nonstop postwar dogmatism. You might wonder why I’m talking about this place that’s so far away from the US. Well, these more mainstream French are firmly entrenched in the ideological establishment of the US. Isn’t there a technical term for that, shabbos goys? Netzach below Chesed, if you want to get even more technical. GASP! Imagine writing a PhD on this and talking about Kabbalah in a realistic way. This is why when people say the word “philosophy” in most cases you should just laugh at them. The academy is leftist so no crap they can’t take the first step- what continues to surprise me is that even rightoid anons don’t take the first step. Thus none of these people will ever get to steps two and three. “You’re making this up, you’re a bad person!” Okay, sure sure sure. It’s the will-to-know, and most people don’t have it. Anyone who does have it they want dead. Let me use my refrain- the mysteries of the cathedral. Just a really sad collection of silver-souls, at best. You’re born to be one with the beehive. Kween Bee Shekinah hypnotizes you to step to her tune.

People seriously hold a grudge if you believe certain things. They’re just “appalled” that you’d ever make certain observations and need to get back at you for it. Whites wearing do-rags because muh shoah, being one of the most glaring examples.

Anyway, if you have managed to hack that hermetic seal, here’s something interesting about steps two and three- Sabbatai Zevi and Mulla Sadra were alive at the same time. And both of their legacies seem to still be alive today.

Do you see yourself in this picture at all?

You can be content living in a political order characterized by the (((inversion of morality))) or you can seek to be initiated into one that dealt with “Frankism” millennia ago. After all, wasn’t Zevi just an Estherian at the end of the day? I know you know what I’m talking about, Jesse. Unless you don’t since you’re unable to break the first hermetic seal. “I trust the Plan, because I just trust it, okay I admit it, it’s a pure leap of faith.” Thank you for being so candid, Jesse.

What do you mean my ideas are illegal as meth?

Jesus boiling in a vat of excrement is a reality today – how about that one?

It’s all so obvious when you juxtapose their tradition with another’s

From this we can infer they don’t even like the idea of “Christians” dying. Meanwhile, in contrast, take a peek at the Talmud. So much is hidden in the red white and blue, no? What this country truly represents I do not want to be part of.

Shi’ism is one of the next logical steps after steeping in the Thomistic hermeneutic of suspicion, and most can’t even stomach that

The west did produce a few seasons of impressive crops, and now it’s just a wilted plant that doesn’t grow anything nutritious – the cycles of civilizations and all that.

Remember how instead of white, the light perceived in the peak mystical experience for the Sufis is green? This is an exciting journey to me

Remaining for Corbin, then, was the key theosophical question of how does one depart from the ontological stage of the Jesus of one’s being and arrive at the emerald realm?

Is it possible for you cladistic Christians? I feel between the two worlds at present.

“I’m not a cladistic Christian, I’m not Jesus boiling in a vat of excrement!” Yes, you are. I live in a nation of denial.

As long as one cannot do this one is still a nihilist

“You’re joining some kind of turban cult!” I’m slowly understanding them the way they understand themselves – there are hundreds of books to read. As if the proud member of a Frankist cult is one to talk. Yup, you’ll get that redemption some day, any day now, tomorrow, never, what’s the difference, just keep inverting morality, I’m sure it will work out for you eventually.

Watch, I’m going to be hanged for suggesting that the return of the Hidden Imam can be hastened via CRISPR. Nah, I’ll be careful enough. There doesn’t seem to be a leap of faith in hoping for and expecting a figure to arise and defeat the “Zionists”. What I know for sure is that the hastening of such a figure is not going to happen optimally in a ZOG country. Even “rightists” want you in a gulag here, what does that tell you? Yup, I’ve had a splendid time throughout all this to reach these conclusions, so many inspiring people in the English-speaking world I’ve had a hidden dialogue with. All of them without realizing it Frankist nihilists to one degree or another.

It’s pretty easy to map the various types of people onto the sephiroth. Remember that the left side is goyim in general, the evil side which synthesizes always with the “good Jew” side.

At Netzah, the white progs. At Hod, the white reactionaries. Both at a plane below the Jews at Chesed. I would say the Shi’ists, at least the cultivated ones, are at Binah. If you’re a white reactionary that follows me with most of these ideas then you’re also somewhere around Binah too. Then my hatereaders who understand these ideas and nevertheless disagree are at Hokhmah. Like I’ve said though, higher awareness fades like a dream, and if you’re the type that needs external reminders then your normal state is probably either at Netzah or Hod. And the rare Platonist is at a Keter awareness. And those are very rare, make no mistake. Most who think of themselves at Keter pretend people like Bjerknes don’t exist, or want them to not exist at all. These ones are in fact beholden to the Kagal which is also at a type of Keter awareness. While it could be said that Shi’ists are beholden to a “Khomeini Kagal” they are still at a higher sephirah than the reactionaries here at Hod. I have some shekels to make and some Farsi to learn, Jesse.

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