To what extent is it possible to graft this onto a Eurobrain

there are many Iranian mystics who have argued that they do not have any human teacher, that their mentor is the twelfth Imam, since in the Shiist world it is possible, by the grace of heaven, to have direct contact with the twelfth Imam and be led by him along the initiatory path. I believe that this aspect of Shiism, more than any other, attracted Corbin to the study of Shiism and issues of imamology.

On the Rusnet again, for obvious reasons. What is the meaning of being the “global superpower” if these supposedly lesser countries, Russia and Iran, seem to dwell in less darkness than the US?

More and more I’m convinced that this technology here is their feeble justification for their emptiness

Whoa, you have those, wowwwww, you must be right about everything then, you convinced me.

A concise way to look at the trip route leading from Germany to Iran

“Only a God can save us” – Heidegger will sum up his path, speaking of the hidden gestalts of a dualistic civilization. “Only a God can save us” – echoes his disciple Corbin

Like I’ve confessed before, Iran is a Fascist Italy redivivus to me, so might as well see if there’s any cross-fertilization happening on that side of the web

Evola points out how the symbolism of Islam clearly indicates a direct reconnection with the primordial Tradition itself, so that Islam is independent of Judaism and Christianity, religions of which it rejects

The “fashy” types here tend to forget about this, not to mention Guenon’s fate.

Italians must have written about that interview of the old imam’s when he designates Shi’ism as thee living authentic initiatory tradition?? They all couldn’t have just let that slide by, I can’t imagine.

This kind of detail is something you’d only find on the spaghettinet

(To be exact, the Qutb represents the supreme apex of the initiatory hierarchy)… As for the masters of Islamic esotericism, the names of Ibn ‘Arabî, of Hallâj, of Rûmî, of Hâfez, of Ibn’ Atâ ‘, of Ibn Fârid, of Attâr recur in the evolian work.
The first mention of Ibn ‘Arabî, ash-shaykh al-akbar (= magister maximus), appears in a gloss of Introduction to Magic which is not signed, but is certainly due to Evola

You probably noticed that “his” three volumes on magic are anonymous, being written simply by “the Ur Group”. It’s good to isolate what in them was written by the imam though.

If the chain of initiation is broken you will not understand the world. Without Evola after Nietzsche I probably would not have been able to grasp Corbin.

Looking at the above quote again, what is this “Qutb”, the supreme apex of the initiatory hierarchy – sounds like something I’d like to know about

The other brief reference to Ibn ‘Arabî contained in the same collective work… notes that the asceticism of Christianity is lacking

Let’s go to this volume of magic itself and see what he says

Christian ascesis has no precise and active method for it, such as is known in the East. And in monasticism, which replaces the hermit by the conventual ideal, more consonant with the collectivizing trend of Christianity, there is also a hypertrophy of the liturgical element

Do you see how he sounds like he’s speaking in a “scientific” way about Qutb? Just because it’s about ~magic~ doesn’t mean there aren’t more or less objective ways of approaching it.

Look what this greaseball says

The “case of Guénon” has therefore forced Evola to admit that even today, despite everything, the possibilities for an initiatory reconnection exist; only, in the present conditions the choice of Islam is practically obligatory.

Think of both of their ideas regarding the “regression of the castes” in this context. Remember those foot-shudras I used to make fun of? The telos of the western world is for everyone to regress to the lowest caste.

This article is funny, you should click it

Evola’s sympathies to Plotinus confirm this. What he vaguely calls “western tradition” is neo-Platonism. 

And Corbin shows that is alive in modern Iran.

Scroll around the Farsinet and scroll around the Englishnet, that’s all I can suggest

a man who had a real experience of the abyss emanates quite specific rays that can not be confused with anything else… Let the mob stay out of Esotericism…Transformative experience is a visible, tangible mark. Evola asked to show it at the entrance. A kind of face control for access to traditionalism….They can’t fool us anymore. They should produce the mark of the abyss first.

Show it at the entrance ahahahaha Americans can’t do that. Because they’re foot-shudras, NPCs, what have you.

It’s possible to initiate. The problem with that is one needs to already be initiated in a sense to want to initiate further, and that “spark” is nonexistent here.

Lots of interesting articles at that site I linked to.

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