That funny article I linked to is actually from a conference they had in Russia, and you can read more of the transcripts here

Guénon took the concept of Sophia Perennis from Renaissance Platonism… This Neoplatonism lived parallel to the official theologies in the Middle Ages (hermeticism, esotericism, orders), and then broke out in the Renaissance. Al-falasafa, at-tasawwuf and ishraq are its manifestations in the Islamic world. Merkaba Gnosis, Rhine Hasidism and Kabbalah in Jewish. Modern traditionalism is neo-Platonism. 

This one on the Kabbalah connection is particularly good.

Guess who “retvrned”

Kabbalah = Jewish Platonism… we find ourselves in the context of national-Platonism

The very first line of the Zohar has the word “goyim” in it, so go from there.

As a rose is among the thorns, so Israel is among the goyim of the earth.

I like the way this conference presentation frames it

Jews are thought of as a generalizing figure of a cosmic and spiritual mediator. Among the Neoplatonists, such a mediator is a philosopher, theurgist, a light priest. From here we can deduce the theory of the Jews as a people-philosopher, people-priest, people-mediator.

The racial philosopher-kings. And the goyim are, approximately, sophists. Maybe it’s just me, I don’t smell a rose when I smell the Jews. Only a sophist would say that though, it’s an enclosed logic. Looking at our political order one has to deduce there is a thorn where the rose is supposed to be.

I for one am still pretty floored after discovering the links between Jewish and Iranian esotericism. See the first quote above- Kabbalah and Ishraq have very similar roots. This latter is the philosophy of Suhrawardi.

Check this out, this is a real place in the world

Is there a Guenon University in the US? Keep dreaming. If there were one it would be packed with liberals.

Looks really oppressive, huh?

“So what, they teach other forms of Neoplatonism in the west.” Sure, as long as it’s in a way that’s palatable to the zog-progs.

This above uni is just a random example from a quick google. I’m more interested in lodges. Something tells me those won’t be as easy to google.

Look at this, Suhrawardi is in 12th grade textbooks over there.

It starts earlier than that?

Little girls dressing as nuns? That might as well be the devil

Controversial viewpoint- without mysticism, feminism is meaningless, and arguably counter-productive.

More for adults, it looks like they have something called the Iranian Institute for Wisdom and Philosophy and this is what one of their conferences looks like

Asking an American intelleckshual what “modernity” is would be such a joke I wouldn’t even bother. Imagine having conversations about the emanating light with some of these people. Based on the Farsinet I doubt they’d mince words about the evils of the US and Zionism. And these are well-respected people in society! People like me have been missing out in this whistling wasteland. Be a pariah who people want dead OR have a normal life and be able to talk about the Frankist nihilist-totalitarians, such a tough choice.

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