This is a delicate process that I doubt is possible online

Initiation is a mechanism for bringing to superhuman, higher (universal) states, and counter-initiation to infrahuman, lower states. [Guenon] also has the concept of pseudo initiation, as a kind of false initiation, which has nothing to do with the two previous ones, but is a pure fiction, in his system, pseudo initiation is a simulacrum that closes genuine initiations from those who are in search of genuine initiatory knowledge or a transitional step to pure counter-initiation

Pseudo-initiation is everywhere, that’s what I call “the griftocracy”.

Online is really a double-edged razor because you are able to speak to a potentially unprecedented amount of people- the rub is that that means you will be dealing with an unprecedented amount of people who aren’t cut-out for a noble path.

Virtually everyone I’m aware of in the English-speaking world is a product of pseudo or counter initiation. Go ahead and write a book like Bjerknes’ to convince me you’re not one of them.

The reality is, not many care about true initiation. These are the Mammonites, they are ecstatically happy about honors bestowed upon them by the fallen world. “I thought we were friends, then you called me a nigger.” Are you sure you aren’t one? Calling you that is another way of saying you’re at a pre-initiatory state. That’s permanent in most cases. With the internet you at least have a better chance of finding exceptions to the rule. Esotericism was hidden throughout history for a reason- it causes the cattle mental illness.

I was thinking of that little girl dressed as a nun from my previous post. In clownworld the instinctive response is to think “that’s stupid”, and it seems that’s just a rationalization for not being able to endure the effort of living such a life. Do you think there’s something respectable about the asceticism of monks? Well, nuns are the female version of that. People hate it because they can’t be it, they’re too spiritually lethargic, and make excuses for themselves. We’re in Zevi’s Messianic Age now where people don’t even feel the need to make excuses for themselves. Be an animal, be a sellout, there’s no guilt you need to feel for anything.

Given that we’re somewhere between the Autumn and Winter cycle of our civilization, this is the best I’ve ever really hoped to point people to

Guénon also divides initiations into virtual and actual ones. Virtual initiation is an initiation that gives a fundamental opportunity to achieve the state of the universal in the course of active initiatory work by an adept. 

“What, initiate into being a pariah like you?” You can be sneakier about it than I’ve been. If escaping to Iran is too extreme for you the ideal is to be able to live in ZOGworld without personally taking on its image. For that, attention-span is required. What I’ve called “Atlantean” writers are those I’d suggest you read at ritualistic intervals. This can take the place of, and even be better than, living priests and church. People tend to prefer ice cream, a line of coke, a TV series, to caring about that. Okay, just acknowledge you’re probably a product of pseudo-initiation. The clear sign is if you’re not fighting the establishment, whether in your personal, secret awareness, or publicly. Even the cognitive elite of white men run cover for the establishment so I’m not going to blame you. The reality is there’s lots more human garbage in the world than you’d expect. Wow, you “just so happen” to have the same opinions as 109-exiles and jungle savages, I bet you’re not a pseud.

“It’s time for me to make excuses!” I don’t see the Iranians having to make those excuses. Magi detected.

The door is closing now. The wheat from the chaff have already been determined. The baboons all huddle together and soothe each other they aren’t chaff, and that’s pretty much what “public society” is here.

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