Do I have to talk to you people about eternity? Why bother? I see myself as Tom Goyim, someone generic and universal, I am YOU. What you do to me you do to yourself. If you’re part of the Euro family at least. Because it’s them that’s the primary target these days. I’m Tom Goyim, you’re Tom Goyim. I really have seen it that way for quite a while, which has made me pretty confused. I think you’re just intrinsically masochistic.

I think the first thing you should do is admit you trust the “Plan” without needing any reason to trust it. It’s not good for you, it’s not good for anyone, it’s good for a minority of Jews who seem to be where they are because they’ve enshrined evil as their god. You can make lots of headway in the world when you do that, just look at the Mammonites. When you trust the plan you’re even damning Latin Americans to a doomed existence. I don’t even think it’s good for blacks, because there is no ideal that is put in place for them to strive toward. Can you even articulate what the Plan IS? I think I know what it is and it’s not good, and thus I suspect you have questionable motives for not articulating it.

Yep, I’m Tom Goyim, I’m you. We whites have our kind of cunning, hence the secrecy that surrounds all this. Hi, self. Are you doing okay, does it upset you to realize this?

It’s not even a joke either and you know it.

You were too trusting, Tom. It’s possible for a virtue to be in excess. Bad people control you now because you were too trusting. That’s why you have to keep your hyper-awareness secret. Because those bad people will do bad things to you if they know you know they’re bad. Just trust the plan and nothing bad will happen.

I doubt I’m the only one who has observed how the whites and jews react when someone shows they don’t trust the plan. Virtually all whites are simultaneously schizophrenically double-selfed AND ready to voice their consent to slavery. This is How It Is. And it’s easier to pretend you’re not double-selfed and to pretend you don’t consent to slavery. That isn’t you, is it? I expect it is.

What I mean about “eternity” though is this is the choice you make every time. If you made the choice in this life to submit to slavery and/or run cover for your totalitarians that means you make that choice every life.

This is a thought inspired by the tom-goyim-in-itself, Kant. When you make a choice you make that choice forever, you make it for all times and all places. You’re an example for someone 1000 years from now. And when I look at my fellow goyim it looks pretty sad. You decide to be a slave in this life, and in the life after that, and the life after that, and the life after that.

I am you, you can embrace the fact or not. I decided not to do that. And you see the effects of that, or at least probably some of them. You might as well be a self-mutilator if you hate me. Hi, I’m you. “We pretend that side of ourselves doesn’t exist!” The side of yourself that hates shysters and dirtbags and isn’t afraid to say it? Sure, I’m the one to hate here.

You know what the political mystery is really about, right? The reason the word “nigger” is banned is because it implies someone is a permanent piece of shit who no one can help. Jews, the supposed chosen people, happen to feel “accused” when they hear that word. Why do you think that would be? Tom, do you feel accused when you hear the word “nigger”? No, you probably feel called to protect the pieces of shit of the world because they don’t know any better. And this is what I mean when I say you’re too trusting. You tried to help the Jews because of your pity and that was a mistake. You’re a Christ-blood. There’s something noble in that. At the same time, I’m not sure it’s the best idea. You just let bad people go around and corrupt the world? You must be corrupted yourself.

I’m you, I don’t like animals and slaves, and that makes me a Nazi I guess. It does seem pretty “either/or” too- you can pick one or the other, and me, this side of you, has picked the one you probably don’t want to pick. I have eternity in mind, do you? Fight against the people who don’t even have their own country or bow your head to them – you can bet I choose to fight them every time. And what do you do every time? If you chose to be a slave you might as well have chosen to be a slave ten generations from now too. That’s eternally you. I don’t care if the establishment, the feds, the billionaires have decided to make me their enemy, because that’s exactly what I always wanted. If you look closely at the typical liberal you will see they are secretly happy all these forces are on their side. Yes, these are all slaves and henchmen who have decided to be that way throughout eternity. Tom, I think you forgot the meaning of Being Good.

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