Glad at least that I’m healing now after the feds sabotaged my life, it’s nice to not have your skin peeling off your body, that’s another story. Sorry it’s not an exaggeration to say the US is a gulag, because it is, and you don’t want to be here. Study logic when you’re 18 they said, it would be a good idea they said. You’re just in an orange jumpsuit sliding your cafeteria tray and whispering when you’re in a discord channel outside of the earshot of the public. Speaking of orange, it was November 8th my skin began to peel from my body, do you think that was a coincidence? Exo and eso, I guess that’s one of the ways the levelers of the derp state deal with the latter. Did the job, now I’m getting out, going back to normal life. I have to emphasize though that the idea of “higher worlds” is not a fantasy. I’ve been losing my mind in Malkhut. Most people are pretty happy there in general. Not me, I have a higher calling. This is just one with the process of lobotomization the west is undergoing. With my distance from this place you are likely living in a type of dreamworld that isn’t aware of Keter whatsoever. Well, the word “goyim” is synonymous with “retards” so you will have that. There’s supposed to be a division of labor so you can keep the light shining, and that isn’t the case with these dimwits. The mystics have to live in Malkhut, that’s what the Rhodes Scholar goyim have decided. You know that the word “nigger” refers to a real phenomenon, right? You’re getting equality whether you like it or not, and “equality” is a euphemism for “you’re going to be a nigger whether you like it or not”. Like I’ve said, the last couple years whether I’ve tried to help or not it doesn’t really matter, trillions of dollars put into forging a telos you’re not really going to knock it off course. It’s being close enough to the unfiltered light to realize you need to get out of here is what I think is important. There’s a reason we talk about different “countries”. If you’re an American that means you’re one entity. I’m not sure you want to follow that entity where it goes. Unfortunately most of my readers are loyal Americans in one way or another. Even Romanians, say, are Americans! That’s what being “the global superpower” means. And who in the world calls this place the Great Satan? I was looking at the shine of the sun on the passing flora earlier and realized just how whimsical memory is. One moment you know you’re living in the Great Satan, and a couple weeks later you’re a totally different person who never thinks about anything like that. So you have to be extremely careful. (Narrator’s voice- they won’t be careful.) Nope, most people’s souls were bought and sold when they were teenagers. I had an interesting experience this morning, for some reason I was remembering holding a Young Adult book when I was a kid, one of the sequels to that Hatchet one I mentioned. You’re an impressionable “person” when you’re young, just warm wax waiting to be stamped. Whatever fate puts into your life at that time has impacts years later. And what are “kids these days” reading and watching? I shudder to think. It’s very likely one with the American telos toward lobotomization. Yes, in fact, Jews, women, browns, and blacks are one with that telos, why’d you ask? Are you trying to say I’m implying all those types of people are a variety of subhuman? Nahhhhhh. It’s fine if you accept all of them as equals, you definitely won’t be returning to an animal level. There are different layers of the “gulag” too – if you make this telos known you will be put in a worse one, hence virtually everyone is silent about it. It’s been a journey with you people. All it takes is to physically remove the ones at the control-board of culture to reverse this telos, and I guess that’s a fact that’s too much for you to handle. Instead of having a caste which attempts to bring the animals to a human level we have a caste that brings the humans to an animal level. I for one believe that many deaths would be justified to change that. You people don’t care, you’re already halfway to the animal as it is. “That’s arbitrary!” No, people who don’t care about gulags see very clearly that is not arbitrary and that there are gradations between human and animal. I’m glad you can read English at least, nigger. Speaking in clicks in America has never been tried. The best thing to do is to start a precedent where we have a Study Center right here in this country. And I know I’ve put the idea forward countless times and people are content with false idols instead. Bitcoin is meaningless without an off-the-reservation Study Center. You’re going to repeat the same shit, you’re going to be the new bankers, fuck you. I can already see it now. False idols, grifters, is that what you want the world to be? “I don’t like the fact that I feel like an animal when you start talking about all that.” You’re just going to have to grin and bear it, and do the noble thing. -cricket chirps- Yeah, you’re not noble are you, that’s not a word that could describe you. People like that don’t care if that word doesn’t describe them either. “I’m one with the secret cause to make humans more like animals” – that’s all that matters in their world. Mainstream AND esoteric left AND right are like this in their own ways. None of them ever will admit it because not admitting it is a crucial part of what an American is.

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