Just when you think you’ve reached the bottom of hell a trapdoor opens and you’re put into an even lower realm. Part of what I do here is demonstrate to you how a society of frauds deals with an honest person. Sorry, have I been making shitposts lately? That’s because my life sucks more than usual, and that’s saying something, because it usually sucks pretty bad. There’s zero incentive to talk about the things I do. The fog of illusion is kept dense through perpetual revenge. It doesn’t matter if I write you an essay about something and I seem okay, because the fact is that it’s just nonstop bad days if you write about what I do. Even if someone was just writing in a journal without anyone knowing about it it would be a bad day, because they’re still surrounded by oafs who don’t understand anything about their mental life. When the oafs DO know you’re writing about that, that makes it worse, obviously. I don’t care, I’m right about all these pieces of shit, and if you don’t say anything about them you’re a piece of shit too. Tell the truth, be poor and alone. I really just try to be scientific about this. That seems like a causal fact. My wishful thinking always gets the best of me and I expect to find some purity in the world once in a while and that never happens. It’s pretty much slimy gremlins everywhere. Hi, am I exposing you to the light? How do you like that? Boils forming all over you as you screech? You see an ordinary person in the street and never expect it’s a gremlin deep down, and it very likely is. All it takes is the right questions to bring it to the surface. The truest reality about them is that they’re sad rather than menacing, I think. In many cases they know what they are and they can’t really control being that way. Everyperson does seem to have a “guardian angel”, it’s just a really faint whisper in most cases. The fact of the matter is that they’re owned by evil people–and they like it. “Evil is so cool though!” You tell yourself that and yet you’re so sensitive about people talking to you in a direct way? Try not to be so sensitive, you might betray that you feel guilty or something like that. It’s true, my understanding is I’m speaking mostly to people who are niggers in denial who cast out anyone who brings that up about them. Do you see yourself in this picture? If you don’t then you’re probably lying to yourself. With the right perception, on first impression that sort of thing can be detected, and I happen to be someone who can perceive that. There is no filter of illusion between me and you. I guess that upsets certain people. Look at that, it’s a slimy subhuman from the sewer, and I can tell from anywhere between one sentence and five minutes of talking to you, say cheese, I want to take a picture of you with a trashcan lid on your head. I might still keep talking to you after those five minutes, just because the world is pretty much full of turds and nothing else, so don’t have too much anxiety. Like I’ve said before, I think many are born perfectly fine more or less and a lot of the problem is the kike political order we live in. And then once they learn about these things they can only find on the backalleyways of the internet they’re probably a couple decades or so into being a spiritual Jew and thus their life is invested in being that way, so they will be hostile to people questioning them. Yup, you’re a kike. Which means, you’re a type of nigger. Hey, someone has to do it, right? Hm, or maybe not. Guess what, guess who I’m talking to right now. That’s right. You know it’s possible to redeem yourself? You’d have to actually care about things though and I doubt you do. Eyes burning with nigger-anger is what I expect to be reading me. Hi, have we determined what you are yet? Purity in the world, that’s so funny, you won’t find that. Only human garbage that chooses illusion day after day after day. Wow, there’s a big smile on the Sun as it rises, huh? It’s okay, it’s fine to be a slimy sewer creature, because no one is going to judge you, because you and everyone like you makes sure no one is around TO judge you. Only fascists would hate a disgusting thing like you. Gross! It’s a nigger that can never admit it! What’s worse than that? People like that are bound to be the same in the next generation too. Oh yeah, these are people really worth talking to. I’d rather die in a ditch than be one of you. “And we’ll be happy if you do, too.” Okay, so you admit what you are, thank you. I don’t care if you have eyeballs and flesh and clothes, it’s the inside that counts, and what I see everywhere is rot and screaming in hell. Whoa, you look normal on the surface at least, don’t you. Rotten on the insideeeee, and there are so many of you it isn’t so easy to detecttttt…

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