What do you want from me, a “shark tornado”? You must have some psychopathic problems if that’s what you want. I’ve concluded my readers must be schizophrenic or something. The question is who is your real, natural self. Because we all know it’s mandatorily demanded of you to be a good prog in public. If you’re here then I imagine there’s a side of you that’s bloodthirsty. I mean, there’s no freedom anywhere in the world, definitely not here in the “land of the free”. It seems like the sanest person would be bloodthirsty in such conditions. That’s the ultimate conclusion when you’re an unfree person. Forced unfreedom is a type of violence and a natural reaction seems to be violent toward that violence. In fact, I would say it’s a direct invitation to violence that they try to hide. Sorry if I seem like a thug or a criminal or something sometimes, I really just think I’m a hyper-logical person. You make it impossible for me to say that something is evil then I’m going to want to harm you if not kill you. They want us to believe–and they have many many people convinced–that it’s “for our best interests”, thus you’re supposed to be a child that isn’t allowed to question what they’re told. I don’t know what “credentials” really means, all I know is that I’ve easily read hundreds more books (and many of them dense and abstruse at that) than have the typical people enforcing unfreedom. And the ones at the top of the pyramid I deduce are uncultured swine as well given their “cheap product” known as “the average citizen”. Whoa, was that Made In China? No, it was Made In “Israel”. You can either hate me for calling people subhumans or hate the manufacturers for creating them to be that way. We know what the Rhodes Scholar goyim have decided, don’t we. Not many slip through that manufacturing process with their reasoning abilities unscathed, and there will be fewer as time goes on.

I know for a fact that my distance from this place has made “Kabbalah” more obscure to you. People see me as relatable because I’m a millennial and not some stuffy scholar or something, otherwise they don’t really read anything. If you were smart you probably would’ve been reading Bjerknes I would have to say. People have a natural inclination to what level of brightness they yearn toward. Usually it’s very dim, that’s all they want.

I saw an intriguing synthesis a few days ago I might get into eventually

You like Homer? That’s cool, you’re probably a Kshatriya. That’s fine, I’m half Kshatriya myself, hence all the violence. Pure Brahmins are only for utopic societies, and we are not living in one of those. If there is nothing militarial about a Brahmin in these conditions then they are not a Brahmin. Look what happened to the Tibetans, they were exiled. They should’ve allotted some of their mystical ascension to design nukes. I’m no different really, I cared too much about the clouds and wanting people to understand them and now post-lockdown is turbulent for me. Honestly, I feel like a Sufi now because of all that. It was necessary, it seems like it was a “white thing”. Let your astronaut fly off into space so he can record what’s out there, even if he’s never going to return. White people stuff. I don’t know, maybe you’ll get more shark tornadoes in the future, maybe I’ll kill myself because we live in a slaveworld, who is a fortune-teller here? I don’t like to be a bad influence, I just don’t see much of value in today’s world. If you live in a state of unfreedom the only value is to fight against it, and you aren’t allowed to do that. I think people need to tell themselves lots of lies throughout the day to want to live on earth in an unfree state. That, really, is a lot of what your “schizophrenia” is about, I think. If you want to see it in a cynical way, many people look at it as good to be a bolshevik even if they’re not the leaders of the bolsheviks. Biden Trump democrat republican doesn’t matter, please get out of that illusion – it’s whether you’re one of the levelers or not that determines your political stance. The levelers are “president”, and the president is Jewish Capital. What you have to understand is that the realistic perspective for whites is to laugh in their face about the word “goyim”. Yes, you bought and scammed yourself to the top of society, that doesn’t give you a “divine right” to make whites more like animals so they’re less of a threat to you. If whites continue to behave as if it is a divine right then they will be made more into animals. The irony of all this is that whites already are animals. Do you remember when the Bank of “England” was founded? That’s a good time to set the beginning of the process. Centuries later, here you are. Malkhut, what is that? Only priests know what that is. The rabbis and the shabbos goys know and pass it over in silence. Let’s use some Jesse Jargon- Malkhut=Shudra. “I’m a sellout, I don’t care!” I know, you have such convincing excuses too. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so condescending over the years, I’m… sorry. It’s just so funny to me to make fun of you, can you blame me? Imagine if I ever saw you as an equal someday, without you having to resort to embarrassing tactics like redaction (and that’s one of many). I look you in the eye and I see you as an equal, what do you do? You’d have to do some things that are impossible for you in order to earn that.

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