There’s this Irish guy I know who has the exact same mannerisms as an Irish guy I knew a few states over. Same exact voice, eyes, way he smokes a cigarette, laugh, sense of humor, nostril hair, the list goes on, I just have to infer that there’s a common soul that they partake of. Don’t give me this crap that races don’t exist. There’s something sad about how similar people of one race are to each other, because there doesn’t seem to be any individuality there. I think this is a lot of what the “PC” debate is about, the question of freewill.

The different races are various sorts of objects with distinct programmings. Some object-collectives have no freewill in a way that is cursed. Possibly the pinnacle Political Lie is that this is not true. Make no mistake, the object-collective known broadly as “whites” is cursed in its own way too – I would have to say one of their most glaring curses is the tendency to pretend curses among other object-collectives do not exist.

Do you want to be cursed? I think it’s an important thing in life to try to avoid being cursed, insofar as it is possible. Because we are demanded to join others in their cursedness. You can see it as a double lie- the first one is that no one is cursed, the second one is that we need to join them in their cursedness and look at it as the opposite. It’s a curse of the object-collective of “whites” to be so voluntary about accepting these lies. That actually is a manifestation of their higher freewill. The object-collectives range in the level of their objectness. Whites can use their freewill to chameleon themselves into joining the cursedness of others. They can also use it to betray that Cause, as I’m doing presently. I highly doubt you’re going to be seeing a Latino writing the above paragraphs. The object-collectives that are exceptionally cursed are more prone to pretend being cursed doesn’t exist. If a Latino were a clear-eyed racist that would be equivalent to him killing his own grandmother. One of the main curses of the world is spiritual lethargy, or differently put, a lack of idealism and striving toward that idealism. Put differently again, the various object-collectives believe in distinct Gods, and many of those Gods are not very high in the sky. So let’s summarize real quick- different groups of people lack freewill regarding the Cursed God they believe in. The political mystery, the pinnacle “noble” lie, revolves around this general notion. I believe in my own Cursed God, okay? My curse is to hate all the Cursed Gods of the world so much, and you can trust me that it certainly is a curse.

Classical philosophical questions can only be asked within the horizon of the political mystery. All questions and answers are bordered by a region of darkness, and you will likely die if you venture beyond those borders. In question at the moment is the idea of freewill. There are ways to ask about the meaning of freewill while standing in the region of darkness. To some extent I think it IS possible to “increase” freewill, in a very real sense. Believe it or not, that is illegal. Most people are cursed to be one with the Crime Family so they want it to be illegal anyway. Increasing freewill depends upon one’s ability to be atheistic about a given Cursed God. In many cases “priests” are necessary to mediate this atheism. When I talk to you about the upper sephiroth and their hierarchical arrangement with the dimmer sephiroth I am in fact attempting to increase your freewill. I expect that even for a minority of blacks, women, and jews it is possible to some degree. I name here a few of the most cursed object-collectives. Most object-collectives probably have their “1%” that is more capable of freewill than the 99% of their fellows.

When I talk about Kabbalah then, I am aiming to show it is possible to avoid believing in a Cursed God. Different types of souls align with the different sephiroth, and the middle sephiroth types think it’s for the best for the sephiroth below them to be kept with high levels of objectness. If you violate the orders of the middle sephiroth that is another way of crossing the border into the region of darkness, for which the punishment is death, whether physical or social. In reality the region above the middle sephiroth is not darkness, it is in fact characterized by a brighter light than the region of the middle sephiroth. Essentially, the middle sephiroth are guarding freewill, and preventing the lower sephiroth from accessing it. You have to violate their orders to even be able to see this.

There’s no easy way to articulate this- part of the nature of the “objectness” that the middle sephiroth inculcate is to believe in the Cursed God that the region above the middle sephiroth is darkness. If you have freewill you will see it is not darkness, and that it is darkness is a lie the middle makes the lower believe.

People will accuse you of doing a Napoleon if you proceed as if the region above the middle sephiroth is characterized as being a brighter light rather than darkness. Our overlords are quiet in public about this. Do you know why that is? Because showing you know that will cause them to be perceived as doing a Napoleon too. Thus they pretend to simply be middle sephiroth, and guard the “darkness” from the lower, when in reality they are upper sephiroth dwelling in the brighter light. I don’t expect many people to follow all this. In my mind this is a way to unravel Nietzsche’s doctrine of the will to power. We have these brats reading the neechmeister and thinking that doctrine means being the CEO of a corporation. I mean, that IS one implication of it, sort of, there are just more ontological ways of interpreting it. For instance, you don’t see any of our plutocrats stepping into the region of “darkness”. That is because they believe in a Cursed God of the lower sephiroth, middle sephiroth, or of pretending to be middle sephiroth.

One of the esoteric meanings of Exit is that it’s the desire to not be forced to believe in a Cursed God anymore. This would look like a society of people who live in the region of “darkness” without reticence about the fact that it is a region of brighter light. And again, the region above the middle sephiroth is characterized in part by a heightened freewill and interlinked casting off of objectness. Unless you are a static object that performs the programmed routine you will be punished. This is how our political order operates like clockwork. Heightened freewill from dwelling in the brighter light causes disturbances in the Plan.

I’ve determined that virtually everyone in the west is content guarding the “darkness” rather than trespassing upon it. I’ve seen some noble souls and beautiful women here and there who at least have schizophrenia about this, though they eventually burn to ash if they dwell in the brighter light more than the other side of their psyche can permit. These are object-collectives that like to take “vacations” to the freewill realms above the middle sephiroth. I look at them and wonder why they’d ever want to return to the dimmer light. Probably the punishment, the brutish mob surrounding and devouring them, is a haunting paranoia of theirs. By the way, is this all Halloween-tinged or is that just me? Yes, the middle sephiroth can be accurately described as demonic. Women for instance who do not flinch about any of this are a type of witch, and not the costume store kind. The various Cursed Gods want your soul and want your freewill. And in most cases they have it. I always think of the example of Land- if they can get him they can get anyone, so you better watch out. Spooky stuff out there. Sadly I expect the majority of my readers to be glazed-eyed guardians of the “darkness”. I don’t call them object-collectives for nothin. Same exact mannerisms, same exact eyes, same exact sense of humor, same exact souls, same exact lack of freewill, same exact hostility to those who violate the orders of the middle sephiroth.

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