The Rosicrucians are right about this

They exist right now. Thus, humans could begin emulating them at this very moment if they wanted to.

I’m not just making stuff up when I say there is a distinct ethos in the west. I think there’s something we can learn from Islam’s which could optimize our technological attitude. Angelology + Science seems necessary to bring about the “Mashiach” or whatever you choose to call it. Islam doesn’t have Science, the west doesn’t have Angels. Thus no one is in a place to use Science to immanentize Angels. People here roll their eyes at you for one, and people there might possibly execute you for the other. So neither are going to get the “Hidden Imam”, at least not in a speedy way.

And the other side of this- I pulled the above quote from a Bjerknes book

“Ethos” is about directedness, and we know which way the “west’s” is directed.

So, Islam’s is directed upward and doesn’t have the technological attitude to optimally materialize that directedness, and the west’s is directed downward and DOES have the technological attitude to materialize their directedness. And we are seeing that today. People here for instance are algorithmically banned online for reasons pertaining to the acknowledgment of the various facets of the Great Chain of Being. This is one way we use technology to descend toward Plants. You ever hear a normie speak? It doesn’t take a leap of imagination to see them as a sort of plant. The object-collectives of the lower sephiroth can be seen as growths of plants. And with my favorite idea in mind that “even Latinos are leveled!” the ethos-directedness is for freer object-collectives to fuse with the more object-like object-collectives.

This is true, they preach equality for decades then end up settling down with a fellow Jid, using muh shoah to alleviate the cognitive dissonance

In fairness though, if I were the Kagal, I’d be more cautious about ensuring that the lesser heebs don’t get high on their own supply. This is expected though, as we know from Plato that the guardians themselves are supposed to perceive the noble lies as noble truths.

I’m just continuously in awe at Bjerknes’ mastery of Kabbalah

Kagal = Keter candle. All the sephiroth below them are of the same fire.

By the way, the “tetrahedron” he mentions?

Think of Daath, or the Abyss

It’s only a triangle on the surface. Seen “3D” Daath is a path through, into the qliphothic realm.

Another way to interpret Bjerknes’ statement though is that the Kagal-Keter-Candle is the One, and the goyim and lesser yids are the Many. The Many proceed from the One, the One precedes the Many.

P. S. if you want to learn the science of “Kagalism” recall Brafman. OMG they banned Dr. Seuss. No, you should be talking about how they erased Brafman. Well, why would the Many who descend from the One ever talk about such a thing? Smh, bovine goyim.

In previous times of history the kagal only oversaw their own Jewish community. In the last couple centuries since they conquered the west’s economic system the kagal oversees us too. Shahak has some funny examples of how strictly the classical kagal monitored every fine detail in the lives of their flock, stuff like whether you’re allowed to rub soap on your chest in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. You better rub that soap in a clockwise direction or the kagal will know and you will pay the price! Seriously, neurotically totalitarian people. You better not go to the bathroom while facing North, or ELSE! Now apply that eye-twitchy OCD to what we’re allowed to think.

This is what happens when you don’t give me my well-deserved Study Center, foolish goyim

the gods feared man’s approaching Divinity and prevented it by stripping man of Knowledge and confusing social relationships so that human beings cannot productively cooperate with one another to challenge the gods.

-waves at you from here-

Many look at me as evil, because they trust the Jews. Ahahaahaha trusting the Jews, boy are you confused.

What do I have, a bunch of gamers reading this shit? The idea is to max out your stats in understanding Kabbalah. For visualization’s sake-

The Sephirah Da’at is a special prism and is hidden. It separates the unified White Light of the One and the Divine Realm above into the Seven Colors of the seven Sephirot below it.

You do not want to be at the plane of awareness of one of those colors below. Otherwise other human beings who play God are going to be deciding for you who you are, and it isn’t always a good thing what they decide for you to be.

Bjerknes is the best of the best, and he himself is silenced (i.e. it took me forever to find him)

Yup, hence “Atlantean” literature

Awesome, he cites Farrell’s creepiest book in this context, if you’re interested in further sources.

Nothing can beat Bjerknes though, Farrell is shifty about you-know-who.

See, this can be witnessed everywhere

The Cabalists also devolve the Gentiles into Formless Chaos so that they can then remold their reality into whatever Form the Cabalists wish to create from the Chaos they cause.

Don’t trust people who only mention the Approved suspicions and defiances, like COVID, vax, etc. as of late. These people don’t really Care. They settle for lightweight causes because they are lightweight people. If you’re not new to this site then I don’t have to go into detail about all this. There are people with a slight level of freewill who merely need to get their “fix” and feel like they’re being brave, when the reality is it’s only an appearance or simulacrum of the will-to-know. And they’re all bitter when you call them what they are. “Pussyniggers” is one of my preferred terms to refer to them. Wouldn’t YOU be resentful if you knew that was an accurate way to describe you? You’d probably even join the prog-goblins in hiding Da’at if that were the case. Couldn’t be you, huh? The eternal recurrence of being a slave and hating the ones who try to free you – now THAT’S a curse.

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