Look at this, another old article from Dugin before he learned the ways of the world

The early Zoharist Kabbalah ignored the creationist orientation of Jewish orthodoxy, bluntly reinterpreting everything, including the Talmud and the rationalist Maimonides (!), In a manifestationist mythological key.

I’ve lately been getting the urge to put my RAMBAM on the free rack at the library. There are so many movements that took place that focusing on older ones can be misleading. Many people will stop at the Old Testament forever, how ignorant can you get.

Anyway, the concept of an “actual philosopher” is something I personally am pretty superstitious about, it’s something sacred to me, and Dugin is one of the few who one can at least speculate about whether he deserves that title, even if he’s only a 1/4-Heidegger, say. And that’s the kind of person we NEED to teach us about Kabbalah. This of course is self-referencing in that we want “Keter” to tell us about Kabbalah. And no, old cannibal-face Moshe Idel is not the kind of Keter I have in mind. In desparked ZOGworld one wonders how it was even possible for Dugin to emerge- his ancestors who lived under the Bolsheviks must have known how to keep quiet. And he likewise has his own silences for I dare say similar reasons.

He says this when he was younger (and dumber)

Hasidism will become an even later softened version of Sabbataism, a kind of relative throwback to Lurian times, although the imprint of this metaphysical drama will never leave the intellectual, mystical core of the Jewish soul.

Most people have heard of Hasidism, many have heard of Lurianism, next to no one has heard of Sabbateanism, let alone how it ripples into the present.

In question here is the “spiritual Kagal”. Not talking bankers sitting in skyscrapers, rather the stuff their souls are made of as a result of the influence of paradigm-shifts which occurred in previous generations. These are obscure to us. We know they’re funneling trillions of dollars into creating a belief-system for us – what we don’t know is what THEIR belief-system is. I quoted Bjerknes before about how they don’t call themselves “Frankists” anymore. Still, it’s helpful to know the most recent cladistic chrysalises of these malignant moths.

Am I the only person who wonders about this stuff????? The eyes of the goyim are caked in sleep and sealed shut.

Here is another article. Apparently CROWLEY was not simply a Kabbalist, he was a Sabbatean. Marquis de Sade, Crowley, everyone knows their wickedness. Remember that scandal which connected the ughleets with ritualistic blood-drinking, Podesta, and all that? Naive me traced that to Crowley. I should’ve tracked it back a bit further.

Continuing to dig through these old articles

The Talmud does not know mythology, only ritual, ethical and cult prescriptions, refined to the smallest detail… Kabbalah teaches differently… Their tradition is based not on the Book (Law), but on a myth… In Kabbalah there is a whole theory about the “world of Qlipot”. This is the most important part of it. 

From the viewpoint of the ones at the top progressivism is pure exotericism

the Jews have every reason to sneer at the ontological trust of the Aryans, who are ready to believe in the “divinity” of any junk. What the “ordinary” call spirit, culture, thought, faith, is nothing more than “Qlipot”… The Aryans say: everything is a soul. The Kabbalists are right: the soul may or may not be.

To them, progs don’t have souls, and nor do the ones they teach progs to care about. And they’re probably pretty right.

Whoa, this one’s from 1988

This is the whole intuition of Israel, but only this time clearly realized and clearly expressed… The figure of the Golem in the Jewish tradition, both Talmudic and Kabbalistic, plays a very important role… It contains a certain mystery associated with the depths of the Jewish soul… the generation of a puppet in its pure form, through the creation of a machine, apparatus, doll… subject to the arbitrariness of the operator, who writes or erases, obeying only his own whim

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