Finally got my new phone. Now the question is, who do I even want to be “pen pals” with anymore. I think many have simply had enough of messages from the Moon anyway. Like I said, I’ve only ever been here for the nearly extinct species of elves. Or are they already extinct? It’s getting close.

I put a Plotinus audiobook on it first thing. I’ve been dealing with Pynchon for the last couple weeks because that’s the only one I had on an even older phone, how insufferable, how overrated. I think that adventure genre theorist Green was right about 20th century literature. They trot out decadent after decadent and pretend they’re the best thing since sliced bread. “Whoa, we don’t tear off a hunk, we have these nice tidy slices now?” Yeah, Pynchon is part of being in a hell-culture, at least he’s a symptom of the times, he’s valuable in that way. Once you steep yourself in Plato enough you’ll see art isn’t art, it’s often ideological programming. I was forced to watch a few minutes of the show Shameless the other day too, and it’s total Jewish brainwash. I really hope my readers are able to detect that sort of thing at this point.

One decadent writer I’ve been reflecting about for some reason though is William S. Burroughs. I wish someone would go through his corpus and edit out all the pedophilia because without all that wince-inducement I’d have to say he’s one of the best storytellers of recent times. It’s just high-energy, entertaining- if that’s what you’re looking for he’s your prosateur. He was definitely on some occult current, in good ways and bad. I’d rather sit in silence than listen to Pynchon – the greatest novelist of the 20th century? Sure, is that what they told you?

I’m not exaggerating when I say that pretty much everyone is a sellout. It’s like living in a horror movie, there’s no one who is relatable. Whatever this thing is I’ve been fighting for years, I never expected it to be so pathetic. Noble people do not exist in the west. I have countless examples of people who were faced with the Decision and they decided to be shills. If they lived as an ignorant normie that would be one thing. Unfortunately they knew all the dimensions of the problem and they still used their freewill to be ignoble. If there is a heaven, they are not going there. And they will never create a heaven on earth either. You have no idea what it’s like to live in their world day after day. Too much truth melts their face off so I guess they can’t help being the way they are. If evil exists, that’s what the herd is. Jealous of anyone who isn’t as vulgar and cowardly as them, and wanting to do away with them. You can’t make this up, this is one of the truest meanings of “humanity”. The most advanced species in the universe? And this is how they are? I really hope they don’t represent humanity. Sadly they probably do. ETs are just looking at me talking smack about all of them and thinking Yeah, if they keep you hidden then obviously they are the ones who represent humanity, sorry, next planet. People would think I’m a mumbling insane person if I started talking about all this IRL, so I don’t bother. One good time I had in Malkhut in recent weeks was when I boiled marrow bones for some hours into a broth and dipped freshly baked bread into it. That’s something the orcs can actually understand, and everyone is at least part orc. Eating they understand. All the things animals do they basically understand. Anything more and they only have deaf ears. This goes all the way up to the brain of society, the academy. Scholarship is just a highfalutin form of eating to them. I can only do my best to relay my perception about things to you, and none of this is an exaggeration.

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