Hello my bowl of bobbing matzo balls, don’t you look delicious. That’s the next stage of the dialectic, I’m going to pull a Rachel Dolezal except start ironing side-curls and wearing a yarmulke. Seriously though, it would probably have scientific value to authentically immerse in their lifeworld. Just how free is the spirit, can it shapeshift into a ZOG minion to a Shi’ist to a Nazi in the blink of an eye? Extradimensional entities might be able to do that. The variety of human beliefs probably seem like One to some of them. Whether they have a face or if they’re Forms it’s them that winds up the toys known as humans.


It would be politically correct to speculate here about “Crowleyanism”. Thus, precise speculation is not permitted. Do you think that (((Kubrick))) portrayed it accurately in Eyes Wide Shut? Was HE even invited to something like that? It’s tough to say who is a golem and who is not, and I doubt they trust golems in their inner sanctuary. “Haha you make the funny movie Dr. Strangelove, that’s a good dancing monkey.”

Apparently, like Crowley, the Golden Dawn was operating with Sabbatean Kabbalah as well, technically.

They want the golems to think this is all make-believe. I see it as a type of time-travel. Intelligent life on this planet is unevolved, larval, and you can get a glimpse of a possible future perspective. “So they know what they’re doing, shut up!” Thanks, I already know you volunteer to be expendable cattle, and that says something about the very core of your being. The most narcissistic public figures in our culture who believe the world revolves around them are merely set-extras in the Hebrew Movie known as modern life. It’s a B-movie if you ask me, that’s always been my reservation. See-through actors, boring, inconsistent plot, platitudinous ending. One is led to conclude they must traffick with a rent-a-cop version of Dæmons. You think you know how to talk shit? What level of talking shit is this? Anyway, maybe it’s due to a neurological defect from all the incest. People can laugh at the Habsburg jaw all day, and never once wonder if something similar is going on in the brain of the Jew. When I look at the world these master-craftsmen have created it seems REALLY CLEAR, at least to me. It IS possible to contact Dæmons with down syndrome face. Just look at the occultism in Equatorial Guinea, their elites worship cannibal gods- go from there. It depends on the race doing the mysticism. It’s like Bjerknes talking about how the different races have different angels. Rather than a white light some Arabs see green, Gypsies have visions of Kali in a skull-necklace. Kabbalists probably have something similar to the latter except it’s YHWH and guess whose skulls on his necklace – yours if you’re a Christian-descended person. We’re the central target of international capital in this historical epoch.

The wind-up toy idea is no joke. It’s not just the goyim-golem either. Do you think Kabbalah is like doing Sudoku? They were being wound-up by beings that are above humans. It doesn’t matter if they continue to practice it today, the key on their back is turning, and the Jews too are monkeys in fez hats clanging their cymbals. What are you trying to tell me, that you only see flesh, eyeballs, and clothing when you look at “people”? If only you knew how wrong you are.

Remember that tetrahedron?

The Supernals are thought to be utterly independent of the lower Sephiros… As light shines into the darkness and illuminates it without suffering a diminution of its own existence

One does wonder if it’s… darkness shining into darkness. “No, only you wonder that.” Okay, golem.

Interesting way to phrase the necessary blindness inherent in living within the “horizon”

Chesed is both number Four and One, inasmuch as it is the first Sephirah on the plane of causality below the Abyss.

I.e. this is a kabbalistic way of talking about the theological-political problem. The minions who live within the horizon see themselves as One rather than Four. This self-deception is intrinsic to the role of guarding the abyss and the light beyond. Mindless, snapping alligators in a moat. The first floor of the castle drops you into a torture chamber in the basement if you make it past them. From the top floor you can see the City.

Jupiter, as the father of Gods, is sometimes assigned to [Keter] in the magical alphabet.

It isn’t necessarily a Jewish castle, especially after you throw the Jew out of the window into the moat.

Let’s gaze upon the City now, as we listen to his screams. Quite dilapidated under his rule by the looks of it. Let’s start mending it now.

Just kidding, that’s a fantasy. Too many golem-ragdolls for that to happen.

When you juxtapose the sephirothic system with the Taijitu the latter looks like a chimp bashing a coconut open on a rock, I don’t think the Chinese stand a chance either. Their adoption of western atheism was seamlessly smooth, I don’t think angels will save them as they have the Shi’ists. The tetrahedron consisting of four parrot beaks will likely be their angel. Just love yuckin it up with you golems, I used to play that solitaire game on the computer, and this is so much more fun. بله ، نواختن سازدهنی عزادار در مورد برده های فتح شده و فاسد ، مطمئناً “سرگرم کننده” است.

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