Continuing the genealogy

Mary Anne Atwood recognized the fact that Cabalah is a Judaist interpretation of Greek religion and Philosophy with a parallel Cosmology and Ontology, with the prominent difference being that the Greek mind did not forever obsess on hating, degrading and plotting the extermination of non-Greeks

A racial Platonist cult? You probably don’t want to mess with one of those. Neither Christianity or secularism have either rangordnung or particularism like “Judaism” does, and that is a severe problem. You’re never going to have them either, I might as well be digging your grave. The way Jews stick together they might as well be as dense as a diamond, and the goyim with their universalism might as well be crumbling clay. I try to pack you into a tougher substance and all you do is disintegrate into dust.

This might as well be a type of occultism that they’ve had for centuries now, and it’s probably in their blood

In place of the monotheistic biblical idea of God, according to which God is the creator, preserver and ruler of the world, the confused, pantheistically colored heathenish doctrine of emanation was substituted. The belief in the unity of God was replaced by the decade of the ten Sephiroth which were considered as divine substances. By no longer addressing prayers directly to God, but to the Sephiroth, a real Sephiroth-cult originated.

Shahak himself says that scholars try to hide this fact, that they’re not truly monotheists. What’s the implication of this? Relativism. Without One God, good and evil get fuzzy and fuse into one another.

Interesting thought- you can see the sephiroth as similar to the Greek pantheon of gods, and then apply that to the human realm. The journo menace is one of the lesser gods like Hephaestus, the banksters are Zeus, academicians are Hermes, etc., all in a top-down structure, with the goyim as the Greek people at the whim of the gods.

special prayers were also addressed to the Sephiroth

To the Qliphoth too.

Historical Kabbalah indeed was a type of heathenism or paganism.

Imagine being the French and English and helping people like this fight a war – that’s called being dumber than dogshit

What’s worse, me calling you a nigger and implying you shouldn’t be one, or people secretly believing that about you and clapping when you turn even more into one? It’s obvious! Most whites were dumber than dogshit 70 odd years ago, and they continue to be today.

It’s all too real!

It’s also a type of death sentence to live in their world and not say anything about all this. You just get to watch me from behind glass as I smoke in the electric chair. Yes, I do have cigarettes also so I’m smoking in more ways than one at least. So… this is what “examining the limits of knowledge” is like- for some reason I never read about this in any epistemology book. Smoking and, smoking, hmm, I have to say I prefer this side of the glass.

I wonder what it’s like for Bjerknes. He doesn’t intersperse his writings with anything personal unfortunately. Mullins’ autobiography was really eye-opening. He got off easy though if you ask me. Grant doesn’t include anything like this in his writings about crossing the abyss. Try being a leper that is slowly poisoned by seemingly Everyone. It’s just ideas in books, I don’t see the problem, it’s not like I intentionally seek out the most sensitive nerves in our culture to mess with, oh wait.

At least there’s this Bjerknes guy

The final dance of Death has already begun and you and your families are unknowingly waltzing to the tune of Pan’s flute into your eternal graves… By the time you finish reading this book you will fully understand all of this cryptic imagery which has covertly been displayed in the background images of your entire life.

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