It’s bittersweet to be one of the only human beings on earth. You perceive the foibles of the apes so sharply and can’t do anything about it because there are so few people like you. The mob has already engulfed them in wave after wave centuries before you were born. So now you just get to live in a world of niggers and wonder where meaning can be found in that.

They start off reading here and before they know it they realize they’re one of these niggers. Are you going to keep living in denial, nigger? Why don’t you just confess? The funny thing is you’d probably be kicked off the internet if you were to start confessing what kind of nigger you are. It’s a secret, make sure to keep quiet.

Every word you say, every thing you do, it’s quite clear to some of us what you are. And it’s definitely a what rather than a who. It’s a what with a fragment of consciousness. The only way in which a nigger is “conscious” is through trying to keep living. The only spark they ever experience in life is when they are questioned as a nigger. That’s the only time they’re truly alive, when they’re trying to con you into the idea they’re not a nigger. No… the fact is, that’s what you are.

Like I said, it’s bittersweet to have to live in a world of subhumans who can only ever make excuses for themselves and hide those who disagree with them. The main political mystery revolves around the word “nigger”, and many sorts are accurately described by that term. The people at the top of society are only there because they were total niggers for centuries for instance. There are different kinds of nigger. All of them are the same in feeling accused when they hear that word though. Is that you? I bet it is.

Living in a world of billions of apes like you. “You better be nice to us!” Nah, niggers are worthless. Be “nice” to an object that hates people who are not objects? Can you explain why being nice is warranted there? Of course you can’t, you’re involved in a conspiracy of apes to keep this all hidden.

Cows are one thing. Beings with slight intelligence who all team together is another. That can truly ruin the planet. This isn’t the first life I’ve had a conversation with you in by the way. We go way back, you should try to remember. I was telling you this, in another time and place- you’re not a cow. You ARE close to that though. The fields are full of beings like you, and with increased awareness they will want to make sure everyone is closer to a cow like them. Most of us were born into this.

Remove philosophers from society, promote cows. Who feels accused when that statement is made? It’s up to you to examine your own reaction and not lie to yourself. Niggers always lie to themselves and say “I’m not a cow” – yes, niggers do believe that.

Let’s take a look at one of the prime examples

In the future you won’t need bots, right? That’s your utopia. The reality is you will only have more niggers in the future. Subhuman niggers who need a plugin seems to be the future. “Let’s talk to each other with bots so we don’t feel like niggers anymore.”

Nothing is ever going to change. You can buy people if you want, you can’t simply talk to them. And this is just a social experiment of mine to observe what happens. Talking to people doesn’t matter, you have to buy them. Eh, sounds like niggerworld. Keep your head down, make shekels, and you’re sure to find people to buy who are similar to you. Cool, man, I actually risk my well-being to say what I say, what do you do? Regurgitate boilerplate that doesn’t cause you to be seen by the rabble as a threat at all? I’d have to deduce you’re part of the rabble then. Embrace the fact that you’re a nigger, shout it out loudly so everyone knows. Or keep it secret and be in a nigger-conspiracy, your choice.

Or be like me and state directly you hate all these “people”.

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