Just doing some casual digging

It seems formalism can be perpetually refined. By next month “Frankist” will probably appear far from refined enough.

The Voltaire and French/Russian Revolutions connection

People are surprisingly hostile about this stuff being talked about. They probably see it as causing atheism toward the state religion. Knowing the details of what it consists of, and who exactly it’s led by causes disbelief in its surface axioms which they take to be a good thing overall. My question is do you even understand the real meaning of the surface axioms without understanding the foundation of the beliefs of the ruling-caste? In any case something certainly feels off about how I constantly feel like it’s “me against the world” with all this. It’s almost as if society itself is a type of satanic cult and I’m an eye in the sky that records all its disavowed sins. U mad?

Anyway there’s no doubt lots more to pursue with this angle

I still have to get to his 1000 page book on this

I mean, just closely observe how secular jews and their shabbos goys act, the “linkages” seem clear, even if they’re usually indirect. Society seems permeated in an all-pervasive way by this nihilistic kabbalist sect. And I emphasize that due to the religion it’s derived from everyone is highly hesitant about detailing it directly. Thus, crucially, it’s crypto-nihilistic. And they don’t make life easy for those who aren’t hesitant to talk about them so see ya later.

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