I’m still getting a preliminary glance at that Scholem book at the moment, and I showed you before how Zevi’s portrait is shown at the beginning, which is captioned True Portrait, i.e. look at this, this is what the Messiah truly looked like! So I’m just trying to get some initial symptoms here. Now the quote he begins the book with

One of the chief paradoxes of Zevi is that he converted from Judaism to his host-culture’s religion. This is seen by some to be an Ultra-Judaic gesture. Rather than be “crucified” he decided to play ketman and pretend to not be Jewish anymore. Thus the paradox is that the Jewish messiah converted out of Judaism. In this context though I just want you to examine how Scholem goes about all of this. Recall this early essay of his to get some context. My suspicion is that Scholem himself was a crypto-/Frankist (which is a redundancy). And I showed you those Strauss letters. One does wonder if Strauss can be understood without understanding the centuries of Judaism that preceded him. Exo/eso – is that itself a Sabbatean concept in his texts? Some of the more perceptive goyim refer to Jewish “cunning” and I don’t think they understand the half of it. With that in mind, I hope it goes without saying that IF Scholem WERE a Sabbatean, then his book on Sabbatai would have I’d guess countless exoteric elements- thus this is only the beginning, and I suggest you try to dig up some forbidden treasure on the Heebnet. We’re only possibly talking about the sect that controls the world, and your life, so who cares? They had me tricked there with the Talmud for a while- that itself is its own infinite mystery though. And the mystery is even more infinite.

I’m not exaggerating about how secretive modern-day Jews are, it’s like night and day when you read an English book on Kabbalah written by a jew and an English book on Kabbalah written by a goy. Even in the “current year” at the “end of history” it is still very much a hidden mystical tradition. And even some of the shabbos goys (Jews’ niggers) want you dead for talking about it. “Trust the plan, just look at the IQ tests that Jews themselves have control over the standards of!” Conspicuously does not test for being a kike, must be a coincidence. What special ed tier jews I’ve seen go through my “educational facility”. You get a gold star. Wait wait, maybe I phrased that insensitively. Watching Comedy Central is like doing a cannonball into a port-a-potty tank, I’m easily funnier than anything on that (((network))). Humor’s not allowed, adventure’s not allowed- is love even possible in ZOG? These Jews really know what life’s about it seems like. Uht, and there we go, just got another McAfee pop-up ad. You think these things are coin-cidences? That’s more of a symptom than you probably are aware of by the way. McAfee ran for president – they’re trying to send you a message with his imprisonment and “suicide”, and everyone has completely forgotten about it- the bovine nature of the goyim and all that, what can you do (move to Iran). All the burdens on society don’t care about any of this because they hate to be recognized for what they are. Guess what you are in this life, you burden? People feel so sorry for you they lie to you about everything, and the truth is society would be better off without you. You’re such malignant garbage that you probably want everyone to be like you. I ask you, what is a society that consists of nothing besides burdens? Ask an African country, they can probably tell you. Nasty fallen animals that wear clothes, I never want to see them again. I’m going to puke when I think of how polluted their souls are. I’ll reason with you though- when I hear about a black Christian nothing too racist stirs in me, because they tend to be pretty good people from what I’ve observed. So that’s a first step if you ask me. Sorry to constantly have all these difficult discussions with you. Race and religion seem to go together. Africans and South Americans are animists, they didn’t evolve into Monotheists, and that affects their behavior, their personality, their morals, etc. Converting to a more civilized religion is a good first step toward me not seeing them as niggers anymore, just some advice. No one else tells you the truth like this so I feel forced into it. If some dumpsterslut converted to a born-again then they might have a snowball’s chance of me seeing them as a valuable person. Women simply can’t understand philosophy, it seems religion is their only option in 99% of cases. In materialismworld they are left only with trusting their own monkey-ego and they have to take a leap of faith beyond it in order to understand anything akin to “philosophy”. Religion is “philosophy for everyone” and many forget that because we’re all taught the false dogma that everyone has the same level of soul, which they don’t. So in other words there are real, distinct gradations- philosophy, philosophy for everyone, and materialism, and philosophy for everyone gives you a clearer picture of reality than the materialism which is the standard worldview in our political order.

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