The men do what I do and the hens and the little boys chatter about nothing all day. So it goes. There seems to be a keter-gulag dialectic that needs to be embraced as a unity. Most people don’t think it’s worth it. I do because I’m a consistent Christian. Don’t pretend you’re not one if you’re a euro- progs are Christians, just confused ones. They don’t want to accept the extreme implications of their own telos. It isn’t inaccurate to say that left and right are directly equivalent to exo and eso. And further right makes moderate right look like exo. That’s how it works buddy ol pals. Go ahead and explain to me how keter and gulag aren’t a unity, oh wait you don’t want the gulag part yourself so you’ll refrain.

I’ve striven to impart to you what we could call “keter-ketman”. It’s possible to eliminate the gulag counterpart to some extent. At this point I’m only intending to speak to young white men, because most other souls are damned. And that’s exactly what all this is about too. Standing in the cold rain waiting for the bus the other day is when I realized I need to stop caring about the “Antiversity” so much. The people who are able to make it through the genetic-cognitive filter already have, probably already a couple years ago anyway. “Damned souls” is a real thing, and they all want to take you down with them. There are ways to avoid it- keter-ketman, pathos of distance.

There was one upperclassman on my soccer team I remember when I was in high school who I learned fancy footwork from, just his attitude in general I guess too. There are levels and levels and levels to this, and 70 year old philosophy professors will never ever touch any of these things I talk about here. Make no mistake, you are living in a niggerworld and they are all indeed in a conspiracy to hide what they are. Here’s how it works- the middle relate to the direly wretched ones and fuse with them to form a majority and attempt to magnetize the higher into that majority–and their magnetism is strong. If you’re young and haven’t yet gotten the temptation of pussy out of your mind there probably isn’t much chance for you. If you’re like me anyway- until I was probably 23 that’s all I cared about pretty much. Once you get it out of your system there are higher ideals to strive toward from there. Humping pretty girl, what I call Grug. NPCs are in that plane of consciousness from womb to tomb. That’s fine, that’s natural. I just beat off, because, honestly, does the trick. Seriously though, this does seem like a crucial way one can divide humanity. I’ve talked about this before, what I take to be one of the secret meanings of Marxism. Proles evolved to be breeding-machines and not much else. That’s one of the essential aspects they need to be “emancipated” from. It’s who they physiologically are, they were born to work and to breed workers who work and breed workers, blame it on the centuries-old caste-system or something. I state again- this is a crucial way to divide humanity. Let me give you an anecdote- when I first heard Land had kids I thought, “Philosophers aren’t supposed to have kids” and reflecting on that in retrospect I think that was a sound instinctive response to have. Maybe that’s extreme, I just think being part of “life” in the ordinary way makes higher levels of reasoning impossible. Do I want to have kids myself? Sure, if they’re in a patch of my own surrounded by nuclear missiles. And I very likely wouldn’t have ever had that thought if I’d knocked up one of my first girlfriends. That’s how they get you. I shudder at the thought of that hippie girl I’ve mentioned- without those Plan B pills a couple times I might be an equalist now. Women are powerful like that. The last five years or so I’ve been on a path to bury humanity, and in the course of that I’ve realized women will want to prevent you from doing that every step of the way. Too bad woman, you can’t make my mind mush with your pussy from here, so it looks like burying humanity will go on! Let’s flip the dialectic though- “family men” seem to have a more fulfilling life than me in certain ways too, so it’s not like my version of asceticism is the last word. How about a controversial way of looking at it? Men are naturally pulled to be progs because they have to deal with lessers like women and children all the time and learn to love them. I love them too, for what they are, I just don’t intend to speak to them here. I always address myself to men of a certain “Golden Dawn” grade. Try to do that on twitter, it’s inherent to the platform to speak to lesser grades or else. What degree “mason” are you reading this anyway? Do you have any guesses.

If something either makes you laugh or makes you feel resentment and the will to revenge, that’s the sign. I saw this on the Elista forum earlier and laughed

too much attractive and cementing power for the members of the Babylonian International. And, of course, the fables about “Jewry” still serve as an excellent screen for them to hide the true misanthropic character of Talmudic ideology. Persecution ( here, automatically wrote “persecution”, and it would be more correct to say: “any open expression of displeasure with criminal activity”)

Crime and decadence I see as one here. Demonstrate you don’t like decadence and suddenly you are a persecutor. Don’t like totalitarianism, you’re a persecutor. Don’t like the idea of women being led down the path of creating future decadents, you’re a persecutor. Some people act like women’s role in society isn’t important and it is- if they have sons with a slave nature or daughters who are whores like them then the Good will not be maintained in society. I know women want to be CEOs these days, I still think this is an infinitely important role they have in humanity. Say a woman is a CEO of some corporation- none of their “sales” will matter if the people they’re selling to are less than human. I was going to say “it’s woman’s responsibility to make sure people aren’t less than human” then I realized it’s more accurate to say “it’s man’s responsibility to make sure jews are murdered.” Golden Dawn grade and all that, you either laugh or begin inhaling that copium.

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