The nuke it from orbit option is right in front of everyone every second of their lives and they never smack that button once, I don’t understand. It might as well be sealed off in a hi-tech facility with an electric fence, guards, cameras, laser trip-wires. BOP! Everyone has to smack it at once and you’ll all be fine – on the count of three, 1… 2… and everyone’s frozen like a deer in headlights. To even talk about the button at all you need to have already smacked it. It IS true that discussing this idea incites maniacal laughter. I just want you to visualize it in front of you. There isn’t even glass on a hinge over it, it’s just right in front of you, and you’re rubbing your fingers together, your arm is ready to spring. So many good things in life are waiting for you if you refrain. I mean, are there? I for one have concluded they’re all empty. I don’t even think you can see it that way unless you already have smacked the button. What makes us human, our higher mental faculties, are not allowed to be used here. That’s part of what pressing the button alerts to. Those faculties are none of your business. Or so they say, or so they want you to think. Let’s examine the id of the so-called first-worlder. What do they want? A lakehouse, a big TV in it, a corvette. What about the human being that’s using all those things? They don’t have the freewill to use those faculties. “The world” outside is being decided for them. In fact, the world inside those nice things is being decided for them too. That’s what you get when you don’t smack the button. The so-called love of your life is being decided for you too. I politely refuse, and admittedly it isn’t so polite sometimes. You probably don’t remember anything about Kabbalah, denizens of Vegas move on from one spectacle to the next, Kabbalah is probably something like cotton candy at the fair to them. There are certain people who guard the button rather than are tempted to press it, and THEY know what those higher mental faculties are. I bet it isn’t you. Oh, what’s that, you have nobler goals than a yacht, you want to “write your novel”? That doesn’t matter bud, it’s the same person without those faculties writing it. That’s why I see our culture as empty, because writing a novel does seem to be among the noblest goals a human mind can devote itself to, and even that has its inescapable constraints. It’s not YOUR world you’re living in, and when you smack the button it is. “Muh novel, they’ll make sure no one knows about muh novel if I smack the button!” Want to know a sinister detail about all this? It’s one I’ve said before and you should take note- ESOTERICISM DOES NOT EXIST. People don’t “hide” their beliefs, because by not pressing that button they also decide to live in the world that is not theirs. They see someone pressing the button and they decide to “own” it that they live in that world where it cannot be pressed. The implications of this? Next to no one will be writing a novel with an esoteric dimension. Because it’s not there in their mind. They don’t have secret beliefs, they are the minions of the ones who decide to guard that button, they themselves guard that button. Sincerely, it really is that strict of an either/or. Once you press that button you have no idea how empty that “novel” of yours looks. How fraudulent the most prestigious professors look. How lacking in respectability any CEO looks. Oh, you disagree? Well, what haven’t you done, do I have to repeat? There’s only one way to find out and you won’t do it, thus your life will be rounded by an emptiness you likely won’t even perceive. Luxury, at least you’ll have that. What is that, a type of morphine? And that’s all most people really want. Well, I wrote my “novel” and it makes all your lives look so fake! So much so that there’s been a society-wide imperative to hide it. The people who guard the button can’t even write such a thing, so in a way, part of them has to live in MY world now. “We’ll forget in no time, don’t worry, all it’ll take is to veg out in the old lakehouse.” That’s cool, I never really hoped to “save” you. I just wanted to use my higher creative faculties as a human being, and I have.

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