Continuing to get a bird’s-eye-view on the buried Scott

Using leftist scholarship to isolate which novels are which, politically

This is similar to immersing in the Thomist hermeneutic of suspicion except on the plane of literature rather than theology

The scant secondary literature there is is in line with this

A couple sources for alternative interpretations

An idea of why this might interest you – names he’s often said in the same breath of

Scott himself was actually a Burkean

Remember he was a favorite of the old South – the North was more Lockian. A Burkean historical novelist, definitely not something you hear everyday. Yup, this is significant for genealogy and brainwash-deprogramming (same thing) purposes.

Leftish ones you might want to avoid

Even some of those sound like they’d be good though

Remember that genre theorist Green- adventure is marginalized in part because many of the characters operate above the law and outside of social norms, and that doesn’t mesh well with our gynocratic schoolmarm culture that wants all boys to be tame.

This symptom is news to me though

In case you’re someone who’s way out of the loop, Burke is the standard critic of the French Revolution. Another essay I found

Literature is better than theory if you want to “live in a different century”. That Pynchon I was reading was like a glimpse into the present. What they tout as supposedly futuristic “postmodernism” is often simply decadence, and boilerplate that everyone already believes. Premodern futurism is more to my tastes

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