The “seven clown delusion”. Always was, always will be. “Philosophy for the people”, that’s a good laugh right there. Everyone is so convinced they are not “the people”. Sure. You’re a baby in a bonnet with a rattle to me. I wish I WAS making that up. There’s no way we’re going to be having a talk, I’m not going to pretend a baby knows what I’m saying. Made a poopie? I’m not changing your diaper anymore either. Wow, they tell you you’re an adult? That’s a reckless thing to tell someone who can’t even walk or talk right. Crawling around, mumbling gibberish, crapping your diaper, sounds glamorous. I’m not going to stoop to talking your gibberish to you. You’re not at the right stage of development to have a more sophisticated conversation, and I have no intention of meeting you at your level. All the baboons, communists, airheads, and alt-lite doormats can talk to each other instead. Even when you’re all “elderly and wise” I doubt you’ll know about the higher worlds. Niggerworld spins and spins, and the best anomalies like me can do is walk in the opposite direction, hopefully only speaking to seven people, because the reality is that probably not even seven are worthwhile. I don’t want to hear your excuses, okay? I already know that’s all your capable of. You are part of that niggerworld that is spinning. That’s right, just go on camera with me and see if you look a retard, I’ve invited you before. Ohohoho it looks like we have a bolshevik here who is a gulag-enthusiast and anti-intellectual. Let’s just formalize that why don’t we. I’d be lucky to have seven clowns, that would be better than ALL my readers being mealy-mouthed niggers with no dignity – better to be a clown than one of those! “Why don’t you write more, huh?” Uhhh no evidence for… years… that I’m wrong about the “subhumans”? Probably something to do with it. No one cares to prove me wrong because they only want the approval of their fellow apes that pretend none of the above exists. Nice. Cool. Glad to be on this earth with “people” like you. The rabble is real and there’s no reforming them- I’d suggest not even talking to them at all. They’re destinally locked-in to a downward-spiral. They’re niggers already and only volunteer to be brainwashed into being even more nigger-like. Sweetness, I love crypto-communism in America. None of the seven clowns will get me out of this place because it is true they are clowns. No problem, I’ll just take the hemlock for you a hundred times now, it’s nothing. “It’s your fault, you’re the one who decided to attain Buddhahood in this place!” I guess you’re right, that’s one with the process. It was all meant to be. The bolshevik-bloods discovered who they are. Necessary to the mentality of the orc is to believe they’re creating an “orchard” – get the joke? No you’re not, nigger. Disappear people who are superior to you, put them in a gulag, so there’s no one there to judge the subhumans- that’s the reality. It’s a serious question- why would I want to talk to people like that?

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