We have not one institution that purveys a Keter viewpoint, what a loss. It just upsets people too much. Part of what upsets them is it puts pressure on them. I think it would be good for them if they had some pressure. Note that in my opinion Keter and understanding the caste-system are closely entwined. That’s what causes the pressure.

Consider how this subject folds into itself. Our caste-system itself does not have an institution that talks about what it is. If anything, in ours, this is technically a chandala subject, i.e. so below the caste-system it isn’t even part of it.

I don’t even need to explain myself- you can’t understand politics unless you understand Keter. Do you see the paradox here? In our political order Keter is below even Malkhut. You might think of someone like Shamir who they don’t even like to say the name of in Russia. That’s the bad place, that’s the demon place, that’s what Shamir is to many people, and in reality he expresses many Keter viewpoints. It’s when the Kagal is self-aware and articulates itself critically. I’m sure some of them are like that without publishing any of it, that’s the difference. So again, no institution, only whispers among the overlords, that the lower castes will never hear anything about, and if they do they’ll interpret it as demonic.

I think I understand Bjerknes’ exegesis of the Zohar when he says that the sins of the Jews are projected onto a goyim scapegoat. To even condemn them one must speak partially in the language of a Talmudist supremacist, and so the rest of the goyim go after the easy target, since the actual Talmudists stick to whispers between themselves out of the earshot of their slaves. Yeah I’m a “Talmudist”, I’m on your side though. It doesn’t matter even if I am because the crime of breaking the hermetic seal will be held against me regardless. Breaking that seal is the only way we can be emancipated from the Babylonian money-changers.

I guess what prompted these thoughts in a way was I saw a pretty old lady earlier. I thought, “I want a pretty old lady” (in the future, that is). Her husband’s face was so expressive. It was like a chiaroscuro amidst all the generic prole butterfaces. It’s controversial how wealthy people tend to be more human. See, people just hate you for these observations. There’s definitely karma involved with the castes. You’re probably wondering about me personally now so I’ll say my mason grandfather was a mechanic, and he’s the only one in my family I know was interested in any kind of esotericism. With that said though, if you know me by now I see proles as a different species from me altogether. It’s not like I can’t be bros with them or whatever, I just can’t be bros in a higher sense with the faux-intelligentsia of our time. The latter are misled in their abstractions and the former are misled in their vulgar concreteness. I said the other day that whether it’s proles, bourgeois, or upper-class they’re all on the same wave-length except with shinier bells and whistles as they ascend. Whether it’s a horn-rimmed glasses commie professor, an alt-lite doormat, or a scrubby peasant, it all seems like chatter when they talk. It’s not all the same kind of chatter, no- I still can’t help putting it in the same “genre” of “vapid”. How to win friends and influence people, I’m really good at that, aren’t I? That’s what I mean, it’s a Keter-chandala paradox. It probably says something about Being itself, though I’m not a complete anti-historicist. Or in other words, is this something timeless? Well, by recurrently suggesting we should have a Keter Institute, I’m implying it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Being engulfed by the mob, buildings burned down, Dean’s bank account frozen, that is a likelihood. By the way, that Elista forum has the funniest URL if you know Kabbalah lore- shekina.mybb – we millennials would obviously need something ironic like the Keter Institute. Alas, we might have to set up shop in the middle east if we’re serious about all this. We could advertise from there in English to Americans. One of the reasons I haven’t been writing much is that most days it feels like a one-man army. No, they’re content being decadent progs and alt-lite doormats. This is how to do the noble thing- the difficult way, not the easy way. And, that isn’t appealing to anyone. So it’s a gulag life for me until I can figure out how to migrate to Iran. A pretty old lady in a headscarf – in our time that might be relatively optimal. You know that guy who is thee most banned person on Amazon, E. Michael Jones? I was reading this book of his earlier, it can give you some new dimensions on this Exit option. I’m not going to say directly what those are, because people here have trouble seeing that clearly without flying off the handle emotionally, so I just invite you to read that brief book for yourself. Everyone in the west is so corrupt I don’t even care to talk to you anymore – if you’re here then maybe you’re not 100% messed up beyond hope, who knows.

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