That E. Michael Jones seems to be on to something here

While freespirits like him are rare to find, it’s only a matter of wanting to look, and most don’t care to look. Well, then they won’t be free. Simple as. He and the rest of the group I’ve showed you are banned because they make people “too free”.

I’m not going to deny that certain things Bjerknes says for instance make him sound like a lunatic- all in all though they’re thinking in the right direction, and that can’t be said of many writers at all. You know what, after more thought, I don’t even think some of the craziest things he says are really that far-fetched. The end-goal being the 600,000 Jewish souls united as male-female androgynes via technology – eh, close enough. (I.e. it’s really 1,200,000 souls before Yahweh and Shekina synthesize into one 600,000 times.) See, nothing a lunatic would say. Joking aside, there seems to be some kind of reality to this. I doubt you can understand today’s transgenderism and feminism without the Kabbalah background.

Sticking with Jones at the moment though, this is a nice 880 pager

The best way to control man is to do so without his awareness that he is being controlled, and the best way to do that is through the systematic manipulation of the passions, because man tends to identify his passions as his own. In defending them he defends his “freedom,” which he usually sees as the unfettered ability to fulfill his desires, without, for the most part, understanding how easy it is to manipulate those passions from without.

In that other book of his I mentioned on Islam he says this is what the Iranians realized which led to their revolution. I doubt Americans will ever realize it. I already smashed into our establishment with all my might and it pretty much was like running into a brick wall. Recall Spinoza to get an idea of the nature of what we’re up against. The horde is pure impulse and it is hostile toward integrating elements of self-consciousness. To sound crude, they fart and you tell them Can you not do that or at least say Excuse me? and they simply fart at you again, except louder. Hey, at least I got a basement packed to the ceiling with the scalps of these vulgarians. “Excuse me!” Now you say it, it’s a little too late for that. Nah, the reality is they’ll never say that, because they’re the majority and the majority answers to no one, regardless of how truly foul it is. This is in line with Guenon’s idea of the regression of the castes- ideally priests rule the shudras for their own good, now the shudras rule–or more precisely, the merchants rule through exploiting the impulsive nature of the shudras, i.e. they profit off feeding their animal-id. The Iranians instituted the theologian-scholar guardian-caste to oversee the people which reversed the engineered regression. Khomeini was directly influenced by Plato’s Laws. It isn’t so simple though. Here is Jones

Why am I and this banned guy virtually the ONLY people in the west to note this?

They really do want to kill you if you try to pull that, whether in another country or right here in the US. If you challenge their axioms they mostly try to give you the impression you are a lower being than even the lowest being. Like I’ve said before, I spent a few years thinking neech, Guenon, etc. were merely theorists, and I actually LIVED their theories and see now that they’re real. Priests are shudras and morality truly has been revaluated by the slaves so that slave values are the new master values. Kabbalistically speaking, the priests are forced to operate in the dim light refracted by the various subhumans (women, jews, niggers, etc.) or else. Imagine an upside-down pyramid standing on its point. You challenge that disordered system and you are less than a nigger. Bjerknes talks about how it isn’t enough to say that the telos of the (((west))) is toward animality- it goes further than that, humans reduced to MINERALS, and ultimately to nothingness, the goyim, and especially rebel goyim, being erased from the book of life as they call it. “And we like the pyramid upside-down like that, it’s good for the cursed wretched ones to determine reality!”

Anyway, like I said about the secret meaning of Marxism, one of the defining features of the wretched is that they are breeding machines and not much else, and Jones is really on the pulse of this in this book

Objects masturbating with other objects – Newton, like Einstein, is another genius that didn’t lead to anything bad at all, only good things. And no, before you ask, the Jews are not breeding machines strictly speaking, they are their own type of wretched – the various cursed castes have their own distinct forms of wretchedness, and the Jew is unique among them in not being a pure object. They’re beings characterized by fusion- they can’t be object-managers without being part spirit, thus they are objects fused with spirit, Nothingness fused with Being. Objects are essentially Nothingness, so don’t be fooled by the fact that objects are things. Machines without spirit that perpetuate themselves- that is a defining feature of the wretched. I.e. they’re perpetuations of spiritlessness. Jews use their spirit to help the other wretched castes perpetuate their nothingness. It’s not the end of history, we still need philosopher-kings and their priests to perpetuate beings of Being and Spirit. Good luck. The nothingness majority is in denial of its nothingness, to a murderous degree. Why am I seemingly the only one who sees sex with a ZOG minion as equivalent to masturbation? There can be no love there. Being, Spirit, Freedom, and the refractions of the descending light are all connected. It’s impossible to love an unfree dim object of nothingness. Tell that to the rabble ahahahaha They don’t care, they’re one of the objects that masturbates itself with another object. “That’s not true, I’m going to deny it and deceive myself about that now.” I know, that IS how unfree dim objects of nothingness react to this sephirah.

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