Do you want the “whole enchilada” or not? In another “episode” we learned from Wolfson that sephirothic kabbalah is mere exotericism next to ecstatic kabbalah

The major tenets of Abulafian kabbalah, in turn, had a substantial impact on Safedian kabbalah in the sixteenth century and East-European Hasidism in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

So this is another dimension of the “secret Keter” of the Pale. ZOHARian kabbalah and Abulafian kabbalah are actually opposing schools. So we’re dealing with two obscure self-proclaimed messiahs here, Zevi and Abulafia.

Here is Scholem

Let’s stabilize Scholem’s corpus. Here is Idel

And I’ve told you before that in contrast Idel is obsessed with Abulafia. Neither of these “moshiachs” are household names, to say the least. “Spinoza is the Jew-in-itself, just study him you imbecile goy.” Meanwhile the well-known Spinozan Deleuze is a stereotypical Sabbatean and you’d never know. “French” postmodernism in America, sure sure.

-puts my arms around the shoulders of the two messiahs- So you want to tell me about these guys? The books they killed you on the spot for possessing in the USSR didn’t contain anything about them, to my knowledge. Even exotericism (i.e. perception of dim sephiroth) was punishable by death.

Do not think about them as angels with wings and halos, that is misleading

In consonance with Scholem, Idel has noted the cosmological interpretation of the sefirot as separate intellects. He deviates from Scholem, however, by emphasizing Abulafia’s psychological understanding of the sefirot as internal states of human experience.

Abulafia said that his hair stood on end when having these experiences. Remember this is the guy who thought the point of mysticism wasn’t to understand Moses, it was to BE Moses. “Moses seems like a pretty cool dude, I don’t know why you’re taking issue with these Jews.” Israel is a rose, you are a thorn, that is why. And Abulafia shares with the Zohar the same anti-goyim sentiment. As do any media CEO or bluecheck kikes without admitting it. Did you know that, Stupid Ivan? Thou shalt not kill–Jews. Thou shalt not steal–from Jews.

A preliminary glimpse at eso

Remember that 99% of Abulafia’s texts are not in English. So we have to rely on what these oh so trustworthy rabbis have to tell us about him. Keter has a padlock on it. Try walking to the center of North Korea and talking with Kim. The spiritual realm is also like that in regard to the minds of the Jews. If you try to have that conversation, before your foot even crosses that border you’re going to be shot, handcuffed if you’re lucky. You think if you somehow make it outside Kim’s personal home you’re going to be given your own “Keter Institute”? AHAHAHA! Nope nope nope nope. Shut your mouth and watch some Woody Allen, that’s the only “conversation” you’re having. There, now you know what Jews are about, be grateful for that you imbecile goy, lick your lips when you do a faceplant into the cowpies we give you as “entertainment”.

Epistemological hierarchy

the difference between the talmudist and the one who knows the explicit name is like the difference between the Jewish talmudist and the learned non-Jew.

Hint- the “learned non-Jew” has the soul of an animal to them. I mean, are they wrong? No. Esther, when are you going to fuck my brains out and indoctrinate me into Judaism? You don’t trust me to be part of the family? Is it something I said? You know you want to help me take down the Kagal. Oy vey, it’s anuddah patriarchy!

The purpose of the human being is to acquire knowledge of the divine and each one of these three elements, philosophy, the kabbalah of the sefirot, and the kabbalah of the names, contributes to the process, although clearly the most perfect expression of that knowledge is attained only by virtue of the last of these paths.

Purpose of “the human being” – no. For Abulafia there are three types of Jew and only one of them is able to understand the last path.

I feel like I broke into a parked flying saucer and found some reptilian magazine in there. So surface, so dim, give me the substance, Wolfson.

So it’s not the other way around

the verbal utterance (hazkarah) and mental contemplation (mahshavah) of the twenty-two letters is facilitated by the ten sefirot.

There must be some “misspellings” if clownworld is their doing. Question reptiles–who, me?

Anyway let’s just display their rangordnung here- Torah -> Talmud -> Sephiroth -> Letters. Mr. Banker, does this pertain to you at all, or just Grandpa Moishe? In any case, I want to know what this is about. I’m going to be having a conversation with Kim, in fact I’m knocking on his door right now. Don’t worry imbecile goy, just be your Rhodes Scholar self and think about elephants instead of any of this. Just wait a few decades after half of South America arrives in North America, I’m sure you’ll be much smarter and better able to understand these things then. Whites are already brainless niggers NOW! Don’t shoot the messenger- that’s how THEY see you, and it’s true too. Go ahead and prove me wrong, you can’t, you’re going to continue acting like an ape in clothes and respecting the various wretched castes. I have no respect for them, I know subhumans when I see them, and I’m sorry that you don’t, because it slowly turns your soul into nothingness. And living in the same world as you does the same thing to my soul, so thank you you spiritual weakling for spreading your nothingness to me too.

What is this hocus pocus

When he talks about it this way it sounds less like “woo”

The three pairs of attributes, hokhmah and hesed, tevunah and gevurah, tiferet and da’at, denote internal psychological states

So tiferet and da’at are seen as One in a way – I like to learn these subtleties. Because I’m not an APE! Sorry, that insult slipped out, I have tourette’s.

I hope Bjerknes writes a book on the Divine Names next. This is the pinnacle of the pyramid we’re speaking of. “What, the Zohar itself is exoteric??” Yes, the goyim are blind on many many levels. And there is zero incentive in our culture to “acquire sight”. You’re not going to be getting a blowjob out of it, I’ll tell you that one. More like be made to feel you’re worth less than the mineral realm. You’re not even of the ontological value of a plant if you question the Plan. Well, I aspire to be a philosopher, and this seems like thee main objective of an honest one. Sure the rabble can see me as something that exists only to suffer and die, I don’t care what these niggers think. They’re “bought” – that explains pretty much everything about them. And to retain a sense of dignity they tell themselves rationalizations about that.

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