Still on the question of canon-tweaking

Apparently another one of his books is extant in more manuscript copies than the Zohar.

I found this one 30 page selection in English and I just intuit it will mislead me more than anything, so I x out of it.

The thing about Idel and Wolfson is they constantly reference Scholem. He is the Imam of the 20th century as well, so far, of our own. So I’m going to follow Idel’s clue that his chief work is the tome on Zevi. And I don’t have to remind you of the Strauss correspondence on that also.

Let’s just see how he begins this book

I’m at a loss for words at how profound the implications of this statement are. How important to their worldview the destruction of the Second Temple is, and to compare the emergence of the nihilist degenerate Zevi to that… No wonder this is so hush hush. The pieces toward understanding the modern world are starting to fall into place! The “Jewish Century” indeed. WAITING for the mashiach? No, he arrived in 1666 AD. (Literally.) This is peak “crime family” material here. I note again- the basis of this movement is falsely converting to their host country’s religion in order to more smoothly de-spark it from within

the majority of the ruling class was in the camp of the believers, and the prominent and active part played by many of them is attested by all reliable documents.

You might think of neocons talking about how important democracy is. Recall this post to get an idea of how crafty they can be. I hate to say it- uhhh think of Yarvin talking about rightism ahahahaahahahahhaha Don’t even pretend I’m not correct about this judgment. Curt’s a great guy, I just don’t think he leans toward his Scottish side. In Soviet America, mischling de-spark SELF!

Heyyy guess who was kickin around here between the time of the Spanish Expulsion and the founding of the Bank of England

The movement knew no class distinctions. It embraced the millionaires of Amsterdam

That bank was founded fewer than 20 years after Zevi’s death… Is this the secret meaning behind the American Revolution too? It’s okay, Capital doesn’t write History, just forget about it, switch on your brainwash and take your daily “vitamins”.

Looking at usury through the lens of Sabbateanism and Kabbalah in general is pretty dark. They don’t make goyim debt-slaves merely to profit, it’s to drain them of sparks too.

You probably have the feeling I’m telling you some kind of Halloween “story”. I’m not. This is their historical “theology”. It involves wringing you like a sponge.

Recall this post that drew from the Heebnet. Their version of the messianic age revolves around the suspension of morality altogether. If the highest echelons of society believed in that you wouldn’t be surprised. And now we have isolated the movement behind why they are the way they are.

No, I haven’t read one of their little diaries lately. Historically they believed Zevi was a reincarnation of an ancient Jewish sage, and that that same person continues to reincarnate in every generation, so it’s possible “Zevi” exists today somewhere and is recognized as such by a circle of plutocrats. Are they still “superstitious” like that today? I don’t know, the sect was alive and well before the world wars, and I imagine they only got more powerful since then.

For the hundredth time, I care about PHILOSOPHY, and if these are the bastards who try to tell me what I’m allowed to think about it would make sense. It all seems to fit into place when our sociopolitical conditions are examined. Redemption through sin–except I don’t see much redemption going on. I do see lots of hollow goyim around, if THAT is their idea of redemption? And if we go with the Lurianic kabbalah which Sabbateanism is derived from, that is the very plan, and it has unfolded all according to plan too. It’s just the corporations and the deep state, mannnnn!!!! Hey mannnn!!!! They just want to get rich mannnn they don’t want to make you a crushed shell under their foot according to an extremely complex mystical system mannnn.

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