In the spirit of Halloween I return to that qliphothic book, Queen of Hell, on the goddess Hecate who they say sits on a throne above Keter. That’s my kind of fellow-traveler.

Occultist (qabbalistic) books tend to be a lot more explicit about what kabbalah is

The “spooky” thing about books like this, IF they’re good, is that they can cause a certain level of possession. No, not the level of 5-MeO. Still, if you focus strongly enough that’s what this type of material is intended to do. In other words it isn’t simply a book ABOUT Hecate, it’s an attempt to channel Her.

It’s not a question of “whether you believe all this stuff or not”, it’s a question of how sensitive you are to occult currents. Because they are there. It’s a matter of whether the human trying to access them is even able to access them. The breeding objects only care about food, Three Stooges tier entertainment, and what’s the next thing they can do to make the majority smile at them – they’re on a “current” alright, it’s the bread and circuses current.

Keep in mind that departing from that current isn’t necessarily a fun time. There are dimensions of Lovecraft that are not fictional. He arguably was attuned to the qliphothic realm without ever having studied kabbalah. And what’s “horror” to him and us is something to PRAY TO for “certain people”. And I’ve openly admitted that if they’re going to pull that then so am I. I hope that something demonic devours Jewish people alive. To me, that would be divine. Because that’s exactly how they’ve seen their “gods” over the centuries in relation to the goyim. The sorcerous rituals in Lovecraft are what this site is to me. I attempt to summon a demon to bite the head of the jews off their body. How arrogant would I be to ask God himself for a favor? It would be a divine act of justice if one of his little demons were to arrive here and douse the earth with their cursed blood. Whoa, I almost felt like I was possessed by a demon when I said that, that’s weird.

The truth is that the Jews themselves conjured a demon, and that I’ve called the egregore that determines our political order and every aspect of our lives. That’s what they did to avenge their exile. They lost the Holy Land because they were evil and they ended up spreading their evil throughout the world instead. It would’ve been ideal for them to have lost their lives during that time, and that’s something the christ-bloods cannot admit. Jesus might as well be Sabbatai in the nihilistic implications that can be unraveled about him. “You really ARE a demon!” No, I’m a Parmenidean- Yahweh emanates FROM the One, and Christians are a further emanation down from him.

Where I’m from they call this night Cabbage Night. The difference is, I’m not a kid pulling a prank on you, throwing toilet paper rolls all over your house (hey, that’s a funny prank if you ask me) – instead, I’m asking you questions you have no answer to. You are quite the “pranked” individual. You’re a mummy wrapped in toilet paper, groaning.

You don’t have to be that way, you could just answer the questions. I’ve never tried to invoke a demon, I always call on angels. And sometimes they answer. And it seems you simply don’t have an answer for THEM.

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