Canon-tweaking, bird’s-eye-view, etc.

More than a hundred commentaries have been written in non-euro languages on the Fusus al-hikam which is generally taken to be where his thought is most condensed. And I see only the first 2 of 37 volumes of The Meccan Revelations on amazon.

This is the one behind the order Guenon was initiated into, and one of the ones Khomeini recommended to the Soviet government

He was born in Spain a generation before the Zohar was written there.

It’s funny how it gets on people’s nerves to talk about either one of these. I had a dream I was slowly being erased. Well yeah, that’s what my entire time writing on the internet has been about. I think I began to be shadowbanned around 2011.

Anyway, you know who else was born in Spain, in fact the same year Ibn Arabi died? Abulafia. Here is a parallel between them

The things in the sensible world, the world of images and actions, are symbols of the divine attributes and names, which are in turn symbols of the world of essence.

In my naive days I never expected mysticism to be politically controversial

I’m pulling now from a book in part inspired by Corbin and written prior to the Iranian Revolution, and that’s pretty rare to find.

It seems like “getting enlightened” is vaguely on everyone’s “bucket-list” and no one takes any practical steps to attain that.

I’m obviously trying to cause mischief here in trying to isolate a tradition of Neoplatonism that has survived into the modern world and which is geopolitically opposed to the Kabbalists’ appropriation thereof. I know you’re bad with names so I’ll repeat that Ibn Arabi has somewhat dropped out of the (direct) picture after having been synthesized with others by Mulla Sadra. The latter was a contemporary of Chaim Vital wink wink nudge nudge. Their other contemporary, Descartes, everyone knows, even though of these three one has a tradition that leads to slavery and the other two do not. Corbin never would’ve dared to write a paragraph like this, though he might have thought it.

Remember that “Allah” is secondary for Ibn Arabi – the non-tajalli here is akin to the Ein Soph

The fourth hadrah is what Corbin calls the imaginal realm between the material and spiritual worlds. Most dwell in the fifth hadrah, or Malkhut. “GrrrrRRRR!!” I honestly think talking like this really upsets people. Thousands of books written on mysticism every year and I never see one that brings upsetting political issues into it. Thus it could be said they’re all written from the fifth hadrah in a certain sense.

Slowly slowly preparing for Exit. Exiting from the people the Jews have made into subhumans. I don’t expect them to partake in my preparation.

It was easy for them to do though, probably something to do with this reason

When, for example, the Christians assert that ‘God is Messiah, Son of Mary’ (V, 72), they confine the Absolute in an individual form and lose sight of the absoluteness of the Absolute. This makes them absent from the Absolute

Such a kind man with a goatee, petting a little lamb. The way that they hide the image of Muhammad, I wonder if that has anything to do with the differences in psychology. Over-emphasis on incarnation leads to a lowering of idealism. Meanwhile the Kabbalists were far from believing “Keter is immanent in Malkhut”. And the rest is history- christian-descended people were always shipwreck-bound. I’ve been paddling away in my life-raft from that for years now, and on the horizon is the Magis’ land of the angels, at last. If the political agenda here now is to bring about the Mashiach that means Jesus wasn’t the true son of God. The Christ Messiah is obsolete just as christian-descended people are obsolete. That humble shepherd led his flock to reincarnating into beings even further from God. Spare me your rationalizations.

What a beautiful transformation – expect lots more of this in the future

Haha white niggers in denial!

There’s no doubt their grandmother is more of a woman than these disgusting failures. I’d sooner ask her on a date if gramps is out of the picture. Shoot her a link to my site if you wouldn’t mind.

Just pop some xanax to switch your brain off, I’m sure you’ll be fine that way. If you luck out you’ll manage to be a single mom of kids who don’t have any thoughts at all, and they won’t even need xanax – something to look forward to.

A world without heroes, a world without love, a world without noble visions of the future – that’s what “Judaeo-Christianity” gets you.

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