This guy is known as the D. T. Suzuki of shamanism

I can answer the first question for you- yes, there is more than one “reality”. The second one isn’t so easy to answer.

Harner wrote a classic–some say standard–book on shamanism then over 30 years later wrote this one – he was sticking with the traditional method of speaking to initiates face to face during that time. Do you have to be alone to solve the problems of existence? No, you just need to find someone who isn’t a quack to talk to, and that isn’t so simple. I wish I had someone like that, some white-haired mystic son of an “actual nazi” or something like that. What I emphasize to you in this medium though is that there are indeed multiple realities, and the normal one we’re used to living in in the world is nothing.

Like Sufism, like Kabbalah, people here don’t really know anything about Shamanism either. All three of them are characterized by ascension. At the risk of besmirching shamanism I would say it can be like a type of spiritual rape. Because you do not have a choice whether you will ascend, you are forced to ascend. I know I probably sound like a bad person for saying “That’s good” – the thing is, the ego has so many defenses that other mystical systems are ineffective. So no, you’re not alone, because there is shamanism, and that will forcefully make you realize that this is not the only reality. Your ego is dead if you mess with that, and the same can’t be said of Sufism. Again in the spirit of Halloween I take this to be one of the primary things to bring up in such a context if one doesn’t care if society looks down on one for it. Shamanism is an attack on society! No wonder they hate it.

There’s lots of things I talk about here that everyone hates, and that’s why I do it, to show there’s a hidden value in things people find absolutely hateable. Like fascism and mass murder for instance. Haha just kidding. Seriously though, virtually everyone in the west I wouldn’t feel bad about shooting into a ditch. I’ve never seen their value, only their negligence, or even worse, their active collusion with Mammon, so tell me why I should feel bad if that happened? I don’t see things through human eyes, have you caught my drift yet? If a human is evil or lets evil continue without saying anything against it then I don’t see any value to their life at all- in fact I see value in their death. Oh we’re all children of god. No we’re not. Anyone who isn’t living in a delusion would be happy about many people’s heads being sawed off their bodies. There are actually good people in the world, and we could use the ground-up corpses of the bad ones to fertilize the crops for the good people to eat, and the world would be a better place.

I don’t start with the standpoint of absolute forgiveness for people like you christ-bloods. In my worldview, to be a good person is to eliminate the bad people, even if they cry and scream in pain when you do it.

When are they going to take me to prison? It’s true though, that’s one of the reasons they don’t like shamanism. Part of what you realize is that laws are made-up. The law against murder? No thanks, there are higher laws that override that. Thinking like a Platonist though, I see why shamanism is illegal (see the irony here?) because in the wrong hands, well, look at the hippies. That was a shamanic experiment that went wrong and now we live in an order characterized by moral lawlessness. There’s a difference between lawlessness and perceiving higher laws.

Another way to put it is that what shamanism does is it makes you start from the beginning again. Imagine you’re a child without an adult around. Laws and tradition are that adult, and all that goes away when you begin at the beginning, and many people draw false conclusions when they do that. Were the hippies engineered? Probably, I’ve seen a few sources that indicate that. Dozens of generations determined that certain things were good and certain things were bad, and that was all taken away only a couple generations ago. So we millennials are just at the beginning of this, with no tradition to look back to. That’s why shamanism was always guarded from the unruly mob, to prevent that. And here we are. And I’m probably talking to an unruly mob now. Why don’t you just try to be Good? Does that word have no meaning to you?

You think I’m “insensitive” for all the “bad” things I say about people? These are pieces of shit, and the standard M. O. is to pretend they’re not what they are. Do you not want the world to be full of pieces of shit? Then I guess you’re a bad person who is insensitive. I want all the human waste flushed down the toilet, and if you ever give me control of the military I will make sure to remove them from the realm of the living. The alternative is to let your children be surrounded by them, and to inevitably turn into them. And that’s the future YOU that loses access to truth and morality. Put me in prison, because not saying anything against that would be worse than prison. Look at that, it’s you in the future, and now you’re human garbage yourself – are you happy?

Sufism, shamanism, and kabbalah all allow you to see things from an extra-human perspective. When the merely human perspective is seen as trivial to you they will not like what you say about them when you don’t care what they think.

To tell you the truth, I’m my own kind of hippie in certain ways. There are just too many plebs. I’ve always wanted to find someone special to suspend all merely human laws with to explore higher mystical worlds. Those don’t exist, Penelope doesn’t exist, you’re all Jews. Still, I like to pretend it’s possible. The future of Human Knowing is in question. People who care about that are just the eternal scapegoat I guess. “I really AM a pleb.” Are you sure you don’t just surround yourself with decadents?

This is a heavy matter we’re dealing with here. Notice how we’ve never talked before? Online, especially in this gulag form, is a simulacrum. That’s what they want. Because that way epistemological frontiers are blocked off. Conversations between FREE people, PLUS shamanism – who knows what could happen with that. That’s the closest thing to a God’s-eye-view I can fathom. Of course they don’t want that. They prefer to make anyone who suggests it seem like a pariah that should be kept in a gulag. I know what the upper-worlds are like, and I don’t think you bolsheviks do, I think you’re subhuman orcs. Day 2000 of this, right? We know what you are. Are you intimidated? I think that’s what you are. Definitely not a person to traverse epistemological frontiers with.

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