It looks like Xenosystems is mysteriously back up

This is from 2015, it was one of the favorites there. It seems like we’ve traveled so far away from this since then.

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If you were reading that at that time it was A LOT different than reading it now. It was HORROR to read that. Now it’s like, Yeah, there’s nothing scary about that anymore.

Even if certain people still look at the words “racism” and fascism” as sacred they’re less unconscious about it now. It was just pure impulse before and now they have a better understanding of themselves. And that’s the best philosophy can do for most people.

We’ve gotten to further levels of this unfortunately. It doesn’t just stop at Hell-Baked. We’ve simply discovered subtler ways people are pure impulse. I don’t know if they’ll ever understand themselves better. I think the most difficult problems are the “nigger question” as it pertains to BOTH whites and blacks, as well as the JQ. I’m pretty sure Land hates me for instance – can you blame him? If he can’t accept it, Joe Normal isn’t going to be able to accept it. These questions aren’t a game- if you study them closely enough then everyone will hate you for it.

Anyway I just wanted to demonstrate that some “progress” does seem to be possible. In about 6 years time things are so different. You’ll only understand if you read that post in 2015. It was a revelation to many of us. We had an awareness of it, it’s just no one had articulated it until then. And again, I see this as one of the fundamental cultural roles of Philosophy.

Now you know who you are.

The words “racist” and “fascist” aren’t nothing, they GUIDE our time, our historical period. Before NRx you didn’t quite know what those words meant. You were an AUTOMATON. People who were “meming” about them back in 2005 probably didn’t know what those memes meant until NRx, because they weren’t put into clear language, only images with one-liners- there’s a big difference between those two. That’s why I still have admiration for Yarvin despite seeing him as behind-the-times now, because he was necessary, he was the adult in the room, and there haven’t been many of those over the years.

What do I call my “ideology”? How about, Fuck you, you’re living a lie and you won’t admit it? That’s where we are, in my opinion.

It really does feel 84 years. People have discovered who they are at least. They are still progs, they have just realized what is secretive about their dogmas, and they know what to pass over in silence, and what to actively lie about. I never expected these lowly progs in a million years to use fed-connected bots they pretend are human in order to create their ape-human hybrids. Read that sentence again. It almost seems like it’s too far-fetched to be real. No, those progs are desperate to achieve their Equality goals. They do it and they try not to leave even a trace of the “nigger perception”. I hope I’ve shown you an escape-ladder out of that or something, because they see all of the west as in it together with them whether they like it or not, and they will warp your perception through well-funded brainwash in order for you to not ever realize you’ve turned into an ape.

Xenosystems is back up. Jesus Christ, I didn’t know anything in those days. I wish that I didn’t learn what I know about humanity now. “Moral” people isn’t how I’d describe them. “Truth-seeking” is another characteristic I wouldn’t attribute to them. These are just words to you- they’re dismal realities to me, realities that bring me much despair. This is part of what I mean by the “white nigger question”. If you don’t care about morality or truth then it seems to follow you’re not a person and don’t have a soul. There are too many people like this, I can’t stand living in a world like that. And yet, here I am. You need someone to relate to in life, and I don’t really have that.

I’m trying to talk about something timeless here. Philosophy’s role in culture. There were lots of “NRxes” in the past, and there will be many more in the future. All of them have different, unexpected guises, and the core of “truth manifesting in the world” is what is similar about them.

One of the most important things about progs is that they are not dialectical- they do not concede the antithesis, they pretend it doesn’t exist. And like I said, even the admin of Xenosystems is like this. White niggers and Jews, he pretends those subjects do not exist. And progs are on an even dimmer plane of denial. In both cases though they are anti-dialectical. Imagine a prog talking about how many blacks are born out of wedlock for instance. Reactionaries will talk about that kind of thing, and then they are anti-dialectical in other ways. That means they’re on the level of impulse, and they can’t articulate why they disagree. They only have emotional responses, which aren’t really responses at all.

I guess this is an optimistic post though. 2015. I think even progs have a better self-understanding now. What will it take them, four decades to deduce they should move to Iran? Try to keep up.

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