The only things worth saying cause Cope, so they’re not worth saying. It’s the theological-political-psychological problem. In that capital writes history the theological-political-psychological problem is the economical-historiographical problem. The things that cause cope are mostly only worth saying for a personal feeling of transcendence from humanity whose epistemology is purely means-to-an-end based, i.e. their idea of “truth” is filtered through all those stated dimensions, theological-political-psychological-economical-historiographical, and that isn’t truth. The things that cause cope that aren’t worth saying are said anyway for mystical reasons- it’s a patrician’s hobby of soul-elevation. The genetically-determined copers aren’t going to heaven or whatever you want to call it. The kabbalists are right that most people in the world are demons disguised as human. Did you happen to “cope” at all while reading this? The idea of purifying the spirit of its fetters would only make a corrupt person angry. Does the theological-political-psychological-economical-historiographical OWN you, or do you have a self that can look upon it calmly? It doesn’t even seem like professors, the brain of society, can do that. These are all different types of “nigger” that have to cope. This is the only real non-pleb application of Neoplatonism in our epoch. All the shameful frowning damned souls are seen as objects within the horizon. “That’s not ME!” That’s the cope I speak of. So I return to the question of whether it’s worth saying things that cause cope. Yes, because by saying them here I am personally emanating to a higher realm, using the orc-foil as a springboard as it were. So I at least can climb the objects then chill up here. Meanwhile they’re probably perfectly content in their cope, so we’re both happy.

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