Another day to fight a multi-trillion dollar industry singlehandedly – what other cognitive excitement is there? What a thrill it is. Truly, it can be, you’re missing out. When you’re surrounded only by sellouts it’s less thrilling, granted. What should shock you is that it can be fought on some level. Have I ever seen even one person mention the Übermensch? No way. That makes me laugh loudly. The goyim have their own “sephiroth” and you can’t expect them to understand one of the highest ones. So that is the positive way to attack them. The negative way to attack them is much more popular (though in the context of the mainstream it isn’t popular at all). People are pretty close to blind about the positive way, which is another way of saying the constructive rather than destructive way. The problem is that you have to hide or else you’ll be burned at the stake, so it’s impossible to know exactly what anyone actually believes. Over the years I’ve gotten the strong sense that no one understands the constructive aim of the right. Everyone can laugh at the boomercons, no shit. More rarely you will see someone making an antisemitic hint. These are the destructive aims, and those too are almost always obfuscatory to avoid being burned at the stake. Given enough pressure, eventually they will begin to identify with the ones who would burn them. They don’t care, they don’t have integrity, they’re only trying to save their own skin, they will sell their soul and think nothing of it. Speaking of skin, mine is starting to peel off again, and I know for a fact that feds do this to me, it is a fact, so enjoy selling your soul, because I don’t care if that is a consequence of not doing that. Whoopdee fucking do, do you care about anything in life? They’re peeling my skin off, oh no, big deal, they’re uniting all the wretched ones of society against me, oh no, such a punishment, I have virtually unlimited cigarettes in my gulag too, so it looks like it’s not so bad. Join me. Ahahaha yeah right. Muh boat, muh plastic family, I need! Seriously though, I’m getting pretty sick of this. It doesn’t even matter to “rehash the basics” to you because you’ll probably forget within a week anyway, if not an hour. That’s just how it is- niggerworld turns and turns. Good for you twat, I tried to show you, individuation is impossible for you. Being a spiritual subhuman is your karma. Nothing noble can be expected from you or any of your progeny. “All of a sudden I like MERCY!” That’s how they get you, too- all part of the plan. They hide “fascists”, and then when you finally see one you’re scared into being a commie instead of growing. Many such cases. The secret of the judgment/mercy dialectic in our time is that, all the societal denial aside, it closely aligns with moral/immoral. It isn’t easy to be on the judgmental side, and being on the mercy side is the easy way. Let trash be trash, and be trash yourself. “We’ll be judgmental about you instead!” Judgmental about judgment, so you’re still on the side of mercy, i.e. taking the easy way. Do you think that certain words don’t mean anything? Dumb cunts, kikes, mud-apes, cowards? The more merciful you are to them, the more society resembles them. So congratulations, thank you for your contribution, nigger.

A few things I take to be good in society which I never see- praying for the emergence of the Übermensch, “hot nuns”, Napoleonic adventurers, Art from the standpoint of Keter – and all these are connected. They’re absolutely nowhere. Only the opposite everywhere in fact. Thus nothing inspiring, thus no muses, only hegemony of the multi-trillion dollar industry which objectively has a telos toward soullessness. Who cares to fight that? It’s time to exit from something so tangibly hopeless.

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