So, when you’re not trying to destroy everything every waking moment, what’s important to you in life? I feel like I need a walkthrough on the normal stuff like that. What do you find value in? You berate me for a change. I’m adamant in my stance that there’s no value at all to the things you think are valuable. I’m not trying to be antagonistic, I just see people’s potentials squandered. I think that I’m just so socially inept that I don’t care to hide what I think is the most realistic viewpoint. So, personally, I believe I’m a trustable person in that regard. Where is the value? I don’t see it. It all seems like a lie. Tell me something you find unconditionally valuable in life and I bet you I’ll tell you something about it you don’t want to hear. My intention is never to be cruel, I simply see no value in most things, which many people do find value in, and I doubt they have any substantial response to my countless questions about them. I just want to burn you all to the ground because I don’t see anything there that’s real. “Don’t think about it too much, just do it.” I can’t, you’re going to have to convince me. The ascetics are right, and those barely exist in the modern world, so you don’t know about them. Just that idea of putting sunglasses on which cause the illusion to be removed from what you see – you don’t want to do that with most things. Some of us don’t need sunglasses, I’m looking at the world in that way right now in fact, and I doubt you want to know what I see there. I don’t think I’m evil for this, I’m just someone who seeks real value. I guess that makes me a criminal and a leper. I happen to be willing to kill and die for that, in both the physical and spiritual senses. What are you DOING? I don’t see it. Where’s the value in living your life, I have no idea at all. Even philosophy is meaningless when you have to live in a world of people like that who are in denial of the emptiness that surrounds them. I think if you were “allowed” to have a very candid chat with me you wouldn’t be able to justify much of anything that you do. I don’t care if millions of people tell you you’re a great person, because you’re not going to get that from me. Relying on people who live in the same world of delusion as you is such a crutch. Wow, the kinds of things you do are so noble, I’m really excited to do that myself. No… Only a person with low standards would bother to do that. And yet, that’s what gives your life value. “So what’s so valuable in your life!” What’s valuable to me is not being like you, for one. What a shameful display. Have you forgotten shame? I address my writings to “America” by the way, and if you feel personally attacked then you probably are a stereotypical American. Please give me a walkthrough on how there isn’t emptiness surrounding you. I seek real value. Where is that?

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