Some of them must see me as a goy in denial of what his people are. Nah, I’ve slowly been accepting it.

I have a couple candid mystics to show you if you’re one who appreciates explicit articulations of the nature of our caste-system.

This is from a prominent Israeli kabbalist named Ginsburgh

Do you feel the urge to make excuses for the slave-nature of whites? Bankers and top-down social engineering only explains one aspect of it. I gradually have been concluding euros are simply a type of dim negro, relatively speaking. What else could explain how pathetic you people are?

Anyway there are some decent racist remarks in Wolfson’s book on the Chabad, Open Secret, which I find pretty agreeable

Ideological-material conditions prove this definitively.

Puppet-people, puppet-people. Born instruments

I found this anecdote extremely revealing

Amaleq = the west

I still have months to spend studying Divine Names kabbalah

Imagine a Mexican talking this way about his people in relation to whites. Yeah, you’re animals- what other conclusion is there? Watch, I’m going to get a refined DNA test and discover I’m a mischling. Something has to explain why I see my fellow goyim as beasts of the field. I want to tell them “Please stop” and I know they can’t stop. Biological automata can do no other.

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