Abulafia from the Rusnet

there are two types of emanation from this source: one emanation (shefa) affects only the human mind and the result is knowledge about natural things (i.e. knowledge available to philosophers), another emanation (dibbur) affects both the mind and the imagination

No one’s going to be dissecting the brains of the various races anytime soon so this is the next best option. This idea of “imagination” recurrently features in my studies of both Jewish and Islamic mysticism. Something about the scientific attitude of Europeans made us vulnerable. Those two desert peoples seem to see things in a broader context. We used our higher mental faculties to create technology without realizing that was taking place within their eschatologies. So I think it’s a question of different mental faculties which can gain the upper hand over a period of years or centuries.

Kabbalah is so much more interesting than Plotinus or Proclus – it is the culmination of them. You can’t understand it if you buy their narrative of endless persecution. It was their exceptional amount of leisure which allowed them to develop it. You can think of that in cynical terms or not- if there is one “hyper-capitalist” human subspecies it is Jews.

The higher “thoughts”, filled only with “mercy”, were not capable of creating anything else, and the Sefirot were able to acquire form only when the emanation reached the Sefira Bina (“understanding”), which contains the quality of “judgment”. 

According to Cordovero, the world of emanation is built and formed through a double process: the emission of Ohr Yashar (“direct light”), descending emanation, and Ohr Hozer (“reflected light”), the reflection of the same light in the opposite direction. This reflected movement is also the source of the “judgment” power.

You can’t call this a proto-Hegelianism because both Kabbalah and Hegel are Platonist. In their scheme, the goyim are the sophist of the dialectic or dialogue. In their scheme, the higher mental faculties of Europeans are always synthesized Jew-wardly. This is their technocracy, it is not yours. You are a mere reflection that is synthesized by them into something secondary.

You probably haven’t even bothered to look for a translation of this you stupid goy

the fundamental work of Chaim Vital (1543-1620) “Etz Khayim” (“The Tree of Life”), has become the most influential school of Jewish mysticism of the last four centuries

That’s the blueprint of the plan to make you disappear. Who cares about that, huh?


Kabbalistic centers in Eastern Europe ceased to exist only with the outbreak of World War II

I learned the other day that the section on Abulafia in Vital’s tome was usually censored from the eyes of the laymen. That was taken to be the truest interpretation of the Torah. What was the unfiltered perspective before it percolated down to the lesser Jews?

You’d be surprised how often Idel has written on Abulafia. I just clicked another random book of his for the first time and this seems like the sixth one where this mystic features prominently as an authority on the tradition. Enjoy the 30 page English translation of his direct writings you can find.

One day the teacher told him that half of the time should be spent rearranging the letters and half practicing the pronunciation of the divine names. One night he was rearranging the letters of the name “Seventy-Two.” Suddenly the letters began to expand in front of his eyes, reaching the size of the mountains.

So I obviously have my own “agenda” when studying these things. What is the truest interpretation of the Torah as it relates to anti-goyimism? That’s my guiding question throughout this.

I direct you to that old Dugin article again to see how inherent anti-goyimism is to Kabbalah.

Here is Idel on the truest interpretation of the Torah

the ecstatic Kabbalist was embarking on a spiritual adventure that might end in death. The medieval mystic, however, was endangered not by malevolent angels but by the weakness of his own physical or psychic structure… The complicated mystical techniques cultivated by the ecstatic Kabbalists were suitable to only a very few

Remember that for Abulafia there are three kinds of Jew- the morons stick with the Talmud, the more refined spirits move up to theosophic Kabbalah, and the elites practice the recitation of the divine names.

I think it’s pertinent to keep this in mind in this context

i.e. how the recitation of the divine names relates to the invocation of the qliphoth.

I’m not just a notsee digging up dirt on them. Israel Shahak says they historically prayed to Satan, and it doesn’t take a leap of the imagination to speculate whether ecstatic Kabbalah was the precise technique they used to do that. I’m going to put that on the backburner for now.

From the Rusnet

Here is what they look like

Here is the approximate “English” pronunciation of some of them

This is from a ceremonial magic forum. Other interesting details can be read there. The administrator Vannadis seems to be pretty knowledgeable.

I write all this knowing that I am a despised person for doing so. I’m meddling with the people who protect the orcs, that’s why. They’re not equal, they’re more similar to monkeys, you’re living in a delusion, and the Jewish sorcerers maintain that delusion for you. Is that why you despise me, for making that known? I read you all like a book. Looking at women without the delusion filter ahahahhaha…. it’s an ugly sight. The more you look at them with that filter the more you take on their wretched nature. Born equals, okay.

Anyway, now I’m looking on the Elista forum. Franki thinks we could’ve anticipated present-day communism centuries ago

The wisest and most knowledgeable should have understood everything by the end of the 13th century, having barely got acquainted with the Kabbalistic works of Moshe de Leon, Joseph Chikatila and Abraham Abulafia

They really do get closest to the goyim version of Keter there

Pff, they’re still not informed, and they don’t care to be either

Ahhh so this is what I was looking for

Moreover, in addition to the good 72 geniuses, there are 72 corresponding evil geniuses

The “divine names” are the names of these geniuses, another word for angels or demons.

Here is Scholem

The fact is that this consecrated form of magic, unleashing the incredible powers contained in the names, is quite close to Abulafia’s method. If you take a closer look at the sources from which he borrowed elements of his doctrine … it turns out that all of them – Jewish and non-Jewish – are closely related to magical traditions and disciplines.

There are lots of quotes here you can read. Shmakov is among them so a more trustable link than most.

Heh I’m finding better material on the Rusnet than from Idel

Hate to say it, this seems accurate

Ahhhh how I hate that this site of mine is public. So many demons are magnetized to this, I wish I could light them all on fire.

Yeah anyway though, if you are one of those ten (the tenth is probably simply goyim) click that last link, it does help to study these things.

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