Idel indirectly discussing the Iran Question

In other words, their highest esotericism was influenced by Sufism.

He says this led to the formation of Hasidism, so this is everywhere, in the most prominent places of their tradition.

If you’ve been following me for a while now you might find it interesting that I take Abulafia to be thee representative of what Strauss spoke of as esotericism. None of the latter’s students EVER mention him- that’s the level we’re at here. To put the matter bluntly, Scholem is more Strauss than Strauss. Even an obsessive goy like me took way too many years to figure that out. Just look at their correspondence to see who feels like a guilty traitor and who has the highground.

And at the moment I’m studying Idel, who constantly critiques Scholem, from a perspective only possible for someone of a younger generation. On this plane, “secrets” from Straussians aren’t very revelatory. And note the further level of this too- people like Bjerknes, Hoffman, forum savants, etc. can be more revelatory than Idel. Strauss is for leapfrogging over. I can imagine an Orthodox Rabbi reading Strauss and smirking from the first page to the last, for these reasons. The other day I saw some troll post a picture of two bell curves side by side, depicting Jewish and European intelligence, and there is a decent percentage on the farther end of both sides. And virtually zero of the smarter people from either race are willing to make it known they understand any of these things. I’m not just making up hierarchies here- if you want rabble-awareness stick with Strauss and Idel. There are higher awarenesses that can be attained elsewhere. You can’t fully understand the latter sephiroth without first understanding the lower ones though. The true “mystic of politics” is determined by who can read something without coping. I’m sure some of these things would cause people to vomit or faint if it weren’t for their talent in automatic self-deception.

This is just the most obvious thing that I can think of

Feel those cope wheels turning in your brain?

If you vomit I will take that as proof that you have a robust will-to-know. How numb and callous though I bet you are.

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